Internet perversions never fail to amaze...

Yeah, just when I think I’ve seen it all, something always manages to make me go, “W…T…F???”

Hockey Mpreg

Stories about male hockey players.

Pregnant male hockey players.

Well known male hockey players. Pregnant.

How anyone can seriously fap their meat or paddle their canoe without laughing at how absurd this is, I’ll never know.

The tear-jerking story about Sergei Federov’s emotionally charged pregnancy is especially entertaining.

(it’s NSFW. The link is to the gateway so you’ll have to 2-click it to get in.)

Just…just WTF??

I concur, wholeheartedly, completely, with every fiber of my being, from now until all times


Where do you find these things, AFG? No, wait, on second thought, don’t tell me; I don’t want to have to clean my brain with bleach again.

it burns, it burns! But it feels so much better than reading about pregnant male hockey players! More bleach!

… o_O

I never got mpreg. For starters, where does the baby come out? I have a fuzzy idea, but it’s not something I like to think about. Talk about a shitty start to life.

Right. In a rather lame attempt to match your link I present to you BIBLE SLASH. Don’t ask where I found this: URL given becase, uh, I’m not sure it’s SFW. Though I suppose if anyone asks you could say you’re boning up on theology. Roffle.

Aw crap, it got linked. :smack: Oh well, if a mod can stumble through the writing for long enough to deem it NSFW they can feel free to break the link.

You guys didn’t like it? Does it need more photos?

Chemistry slash. Of particular interest was the non-consentual story about the bond between predatory fluroine and virgin, innocent xenon.

Robert’s Laws of Sexuality and the Internet:

For all X,
Someone is aroused by X.

There is a website dedicated to X porn.

For all X. All.

I still can’t make up my mind what’s the weirdest supposed wank material I’ve seen:

The website dedicated to women’s feet on gas pedals.

The one selling videos of women popping balloons.

The huge gallery of dozens of shoots of a frumpy transvestite covering himself in food. (Like, a whole pantry-full at a time.)

If this one had pictures (faked up, like the site maintained by that fella who obsessively photoshops porn shots to resemble She-Hulk,) it would definitely win.

To me, the most fascinating aspect of the Internet is finding out what people are obsessed with. This goes for extreme religioyus and political opinions, hobbies, ansd (especialy_ sexual preferences.

It’s not that someone has these interests – it’s that quite a few of them with computers and internet access do. Whereas before they were limited to chance meetings, or in siome cases to a dedicated few who made up and distributed newsletters and 'zines of their own, these people now have, in the Internet, a powerful tool for hooking up.

The variety of these fetishes astonishes me:
Guys turned on by —

– women being flattened but not injured (a la Wile E. Coyote and other cartoon characters)

– women (and men) being turned into stone

– wiomen being trapped in glue/quicksand/other stick substances
– women being hit with pies/covered with food/ etc. (a surprisingly large lot of these)

–the idea of being turned into insects and being stepped on by women
extremely hairy women
I really don’t get these fantasies, myself, but they seem harmless enough, and if other folks who are turned on by them get together to share pictures and fantasies, that doesn’t bother me. Keeps 'em off the streets. And no doubt my own weird notions would puzzle other people.