Internet radio listening problem

When I listen to the Internet feed for WINZ, the sound seems very distorted and barely understandable. I contacted the station, but they said it was normal Internet quality. I replied that I disagreed, comparing it with WIOD, another station. They have not responded. Perhaps if I can give them the right technical words, they might be more responsive. Would someone listen and tell me what the problem could be?

Here’s the WINZ feed. What this sounds like to me is the distortion I get when I turn the level up too high when I tape-record something:
go to , then search for WINZ

For comparison, WIOD is quieter, but is perfectly understandable:
go to , then search for WIOD.

Thanks in advance for your help.

yes, WINZ is distorted. OTOH they don’t seem to care as they could easily log in and compare their quality with other streaming audio sources. Now, if they don’t care what are you going to do?

I will try one last time. You’re right, it may not do any good anyway. I think it’s worth trying because it’s James Randi’s radio show that I want to listen to. If I present a possible simple solution right in front of their noses, maybe they’ll try it.

The WINZ feed is extremely skimpy with the bandwidth. It’s so bad that when they’re playing a commercial and there’s music playing, it become unintelligible.

If you want a skeptical audio show at 7:00 PM each night (though not on Sundays), visit He has archives if you want something to listen to right away, and you’ll find that the audio quality is a zillion times better than WINZ.

I am too lazy to hook up my gear and check the audio to see what it looks like but by ear my guess is they are “overmodulating”. In other words, the signal is too strong and anything above the max value just gets clipped off. You can easily do the same thing if you record audio and set the volume too high.

Thank you, TC and sailor.