internet radio

Can someone make some recommendations in the area of internet radio stations. I have tried’s stations and while not overwhelmed, heard some interesting things.
My two main interests(actually, my ONLY two interests) are progressive rock(prog-rock, some young’uns call it) and also power pop/pop underground. Obviously the starting point for these two genres is the Beatles, so I’m a huge fan of them as well.
Any suggestions?

Chris W

Do you listen to the Zappa Radio feed from, I like it because they just play records one after the other (they never try to “program” anything).
The only other thing I listen to is Radio Margaritaville (they run old Buffet concert recordings) and I listen to KTRU (Rice university radio from the website, but I only listen when they are not rapping as rap “music” grates on my nerves)


Live365 and Shoutcast have some nice stations.

Problem with radio feeds originating in the US is the difficulty with the Commercial Actors Guild. In order to be in complaince with CAG, stations that bitcast must either be commercial free or replace their commericals with something else. I find the replacements quite annoying, which is why I don’t listen to bitcasts much anymore. I prefer plugging into my portable stereo and listening to that.

Australia’s 3GG has a nice mix of music but I’m not sure if it’s what you’re interested in. Given the time difference, they’re a refreshing change from the morning zoo programs which are so common here.

I’m really just looking for something to listen to as i surf the net. Also, I like to get exposed to new groups in these genres i haven’t heard before.

Chris W

I just discovered the other day and enjoy listening while I surf. Live radio 24/7 with lots of funk, jazz, soul, carribean and world music. Free too!

Above link contains many BBC radio stations. Probably something for everyone. Also has the advantage of no adverts (or advert replacements). Also keeps a library of previously transmitted shows, so if you don’t like whats on at the moment, you can usually find a different show you might like.

Personally, I recommend 6music.

In that case, definately give 3GG a listen. They play quite a few artists who probably don’t get much airtime outside Australia.

I love Dr. Yo for general ecclectic weirdness.

Wait, so no one’s heard of Spinner? Now it’s Radio@Netscape Plus.

Sound quality may be so-so, but my God, the VARIETY.

Try finding broadcast college radio stations that have a live internet feed. I live hundreds of miles away from my hometown, but still listen to the excellent college station there.

The best radio station in the world, Seattle’s KEXP, is available online at


I used to have this on my old computer and I couldn’t remember what it was called;I hadn’t realized they had changed the name of it.This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Again, thank You.

Chris W