Internet Squabbles--Do they affect you?

I consider myself kind of an underwhelming presence on the Internet. I’ve started one (stupid, but it was my first) Pit thread, and usually just kind of hang around here and watch everyone. I love reading what everyone has to say, but when I read something that makes me mad, I might want to say something, but usually bite my tongue and hold back.

Which I probably should have done in my LiveJournal as of late. Long story short, in one of the communities I belong to, I said something bitchy about a poll someone created, and then followed it up with a grammar correction–a really silly one, which, God help me, I KNOW I shouldn’t have done. (Gaudere’s Law and all that.)

Now I’m kind of in a war of words–not a huge one–but it’s getting nasty nonetheless. I’m not looking for sympathy (because, to be honest, I really don’t deserve it. I should have kept my mouth shut), but I just wanted to use this as a jumping off point. I’ve never really actively pissed off anyone on the Internet before enough to incite a flame, and it feels kind of weird. I tried to let it go, but I really can’t. I just really find myself getting mad about this and wanting to respond to this woman.

So, when you guys are in flame wars, which happen a lot here, but with considerably more eloquence than what I’m involved in right now, do you let what the other person says bother you? Does it get easier as you spend more time posting? I mean, I’m not going to kill myself over what this person is saying, but it’s affecting me more than I thought. Also, for those who don’t get affected at all, why not? I mean, granted, it’s really trivial, but the other person is putting you down, you know?

For reference, here is the thread where I should have kept my mouth shut: (I’m lainet)
And here is my own journal entry about it, where I probably should have kept my mouth shut again:

Ugh. I hate Internet fights, especially when they’re my fault.

I have been surprised (and even a little ashamed, really) at how I can get bent about internet fights.

I didn’t read your links, but even without doing so I can offer some advice. Apologize. Humbly. You won’t believe the utter goodwill this will earn you. Many people find this very hard, so true humility on the internet becomes so rare that you earn accolades to exhibit any.

So you were wrong. Say you regret it. Apologize for being snarky, apologize for starting something that others got drawn into and became unpleasant. If you can, point out where the other person was correct. Be big about it. No “buts,” no excuses. You will be the bigger person, and it won’t go unnoticed.