Internet technical problem: losing connection because of "script," etc.

I have run into this problem constantly in the last few weeks, particularly on my Hotmail account, but also on other websites: I lose the connection because of a simple problem with a “lost webpage,” or “Internet Explorer is trying to discover the problem,” or something like that. I also get the excuse that there is a “long running script,” whatever that is. What is causing this? :mad:

Probably malware or a really old version of IE that isn’t working with newer websites.

Check the sticky about how to fix malware problems and then after you clean it up, download Chrome or Firefox.

Thanks :slight_smile:
What’s the best way to update Internet Explorer? I have Windows 7 on my desktop–a Dell Inspiron 570.

Internet Explorer is discontinued and you should no longer use it, but you can update your existing version using Windows Update.

Still, you’re just asking for trouble. Either switch browsers or you’ll just keep suffering from similar issues. If you prefer Microsoft, consider Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge; otherwise, use Chrome or Firefox. But really, just don’t use IE. It’s a minefield.