Internet TV

Well the day has come where I now have a pretty fast Internet connection at home (8mb upstream) and the realm of pay-Tv and video streaming are available.

But before all that I was hoping that someone could point me in the direction of some good quality free news video feed such as the BBC provide.

Most of the US news agencies (ABC/CNN/FOX) have small clips for free but as you to pay (normally through Realnetworks for the longer video clips.

I’m happy with what the BBC offer but sometimes It’s nice to have a different view on affairs.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Not exactly streaming video (i.e. not “live” video coverage but “canned” newscasts), but the news with a Canadian perspective is available from the CBC website .

This is the best site I’ve seen so far: (and it does carry BBC)

tv4all gave me a “connection refused” message when I tried it. Is it down for the count or temporarily offline?

I just tried it after reading your reply and it worked fine. Maybe you’ll have better luck here instead of the “portal” window:

It’s working fine now. Guess it was just a glitch.