What's the best internet news site?

OK, I’ve been going to CNN.com for years to read headlines, look at articles, etc, but I’m getting sick of the number of video only stories. I’m looking for an alternative site for general news stories that doesn’t force users to watch videos for certain stories. Basically, I don’t care if video options are available, I just want to be able to read a text version first. Any suggestions?

News.google.com has a good aggregate of news stories from all over the place. It’s pretty easy to scroll through and pick and choose something that isn’t video-only.

And yes, CNN.com is pretty much complete garbage these days.

I like www.popurls.com

It’s a news aggregrator like Digg and Reddit, but you don’t get people dropping ROFLcopters and posting 12 Apple stories in one day.

The BBC News is right up there among the very best.

Well, there are biggies like nytimes.com, washingtonpost.com, timesonline.co.uk, guardian.co.uk, etc.

This is my recommendation. It all depends where you live and what you’re looking for, too… I mean, there might be some great local Canadian news sites but if you’re not interested what’s going on in the Yukon then they won’t be much help.

But you aren’t likely to go far wrong with the Beeb, regardless of where you are.

www.bloomberg.com is great. Of course, it is business and stock market focused but has the top general interest news as well.

I’ve been using Google News for a long time, but I’m getting increasingly frustrated that so many of the “articles” are actually editorials.

So I created my own feed at NewsCred.com in about 3 minutes, and right away seemed to get something a bit better tuned and much more configurable.

Fark is my favorite. I seldom miss an important story, I can comment and read comments, and when there is breaking major news, often there is a member with inside info, or at the scene itself. Comment threads often have links to multiple additional sources. And it’s fun.

I, too, was a CNN ‘fan’ for years until I came across www.huffingtonpost.com. It will often link to the actual story or article, but there’s plenty of ‘staff writers’, too. Sometimes, I see stuff/news posted that has not been mentioned anywhere else (online), and I then go search out the rest of the story wherever it happens to be developing, so to speak.

Another one voting for BBC news - it is one of the most highly respected news sources in the world (if not the most highly respected) for a good reason. It also has a wide variety of different things you can check out, from news articles to video stories (when you do actually want them) to expert blogs to in depth analysis pieces (the latter being particularly useful when you keep hearing a lot on a subject but would like a good summary on all the key issues).

Your best bet is probably to look at more than one.


Nah, it is the best. :smiley:

I like http://newsnow.co.uk when I am browsing a particular topic - ie stories about Bolton Wanderers Football Club, or whatever. It shows me links to relevant stories from many many news sites.

I tend to alternate between BBC News and The Guardian. The Guardian is particularly good if you like a left-of-centre perspective. Although both sites are UK-centric they both have good coverage of international news. I know the Guardian started up an American online ‘wing’ a while ago but I’m not sure how successful it’s been.

I was going to say the BBC is good but does not have much US news. Then I go there and see a story from my hometown. :slight_smile:

For political news, the Congressional Quarterly’s CQPolitics site is my favorite place for non-partisan wonkery. The Political Wire part to it is a particular gem, giving bite sized bits of political news throughout the day without a lot of spin.

For more encompassing news, I agree with Google News in general and Bloomberg in particular.

I second www.fark.com . It really is the only place to go.