What is Your Go-To News Site?

I used to homepage that service that just updated headlines endlessly. No photos, just headlines and links. I like that, but they went belly-up.

CNN has a lot of silly news. The new Huffington Post layout is poor, and frankly they are too alarmist and left-wing even for me. The New York Daily News is amusing but not serious.

Reddit r/news is not bad if you hit the “new” tab.

Too many sites now have loud self-starting videos too.

What is your favorite news cite for a quick look before morning coffee?

Since the OP is looking for opinions, let’s move this to IMHO.

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Fark.com - broad range of direct news links and lots of snark from members

Check out local broadcast news websites.

Lessee… I regularly check out CBC, CTV, The Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the BBC…but a surprising amount of stuff floats across my Facebook feed.


The Straightdope:D

NPR, I can get a glance at the headlines then switch right over to the arts section.

Fark, and Slate.

news.google.com for a quick check of “did anything happen” headlines. And WSJ, Washington Post, and slashdot sites for daily reading.

My “go-to news site(s)” are my city’s newspaper, the Wall St. Journal, abcnews dot com (“All Trump Outrages, All The Time”) and wherever random links and curiosity lead me (websites of the Washington Post, Forbes, Genetic Literacy Project etc.).

Once a week I splurge and get the New York Times (“All The Trump Outrages That Are Barely Fit To Print”), Cleveland Plain Dealer (“More Pro- and Anti-Trump Letter-Writing Crazies Than You Can Shake A Stick At, If That’s Your Idea Of Fun”) and USA Today (“It’s Not Just For Motels Anymore”).

We still recycle lots of newsprint.

I read Channel News Asia most days. It’s world news from a less Western news outlet. And makes a refreshing change. Also often picks up stories not appearing on Western news outlets. Plus frequently slightly different take always from political conferences etc.

Check it out, there’s an app.

I got this thing on my Facebook called: “News and Guts”. It’s basically Fark in Facebook form.
I do Huffpo also. But that’s just a guilty pleasure. I don’t take anything they say too seriously. Also, they have become less enjoyable since they took the comments away. That was my favorite part dammit!

I don’t just have one. I use protopage.com for my homepage. It’s free, and you can customize it with news feeds and links, also widgets and pictures. The news feeds show 20 or more headlines (as many or few as you want), and when you hover over them, you get a few lines of the story. I’ve recommended protopage over the years to people here.

Currently I have feeds from
[li]The New York Tiimes[/li][li]The Atlantic[/li][li]ProPublica[/li][li]Politico[/li][li]NPR[/li][li]The Week[/li][li]Christian Science Monitor[/li][li]The New Yorker[/li][li]Huffington Post[/li][/ul]
(Have to scroll down to access some of these.)

I read the Washington Post on my kindle every day, so I don’t have it on my homepage.

This may sound cluttered, but it isn’t at all, as you can see. Less cluttered than the MSNBC or Yahoo news pages IMHO. There are no ads (even though it’s free), nothing flashes or blinks at me, and I know where everything is because it stays the same every day. (I change the colors from time to time.) I also have a window with all of my most-used links (maybe 50 of those), and a weather widget, a calendar, and a digital clock. I don’t maximize the window, as I like to see some desktop real estate around it.

New York Times, Washington Post, my local pathetic newspaper. I check in on Huffpo from time to time but it makes my eyes water with its mash-up of giant headlines, sensationalist reporting, and clickbait. Daily Kos is predictable but sometimes has good analysis before anyone else. Sometimes the Atlantic and WSJ.

I get the NY Review of Books in paper form, very enjoyable.

I can’t listen to or watch people telling me the news, I can only bear to read it. And often not even then, these days.


Same here.

NY Times, print edition. Our local "news"paper is edited in Toronto and I get it mainly for the comics. Then for the last year, I have been reading the Votemaster every morning.

TV. Local channel 8 at 6:30pm. Channel 2 early. The gal on in the morning is purtty.

Nearly every day I check Fark seven or eight times throughout the day, Listen to NPR as much as I can, watch the PBS News hour at 6:00PM and sometimes again at 7:00PM in case I missed something while cooking or showering. If there’s nothing on broadcast TV or PBS to watch in the evening I’ll watch the BBC, Japanese and German (English language) shows on public tv.
Those are just the main ones, if something big is going on I’ll tap the power of the internet and check multiple sources online.
Forgot the Sunday morning shows. Used to watch CBS, NBC and ABC until they moved Stephanopolous to the same time as Chuck Todd. Also Democratic Underground online.
And read the local paper daily and Time magazine weekly.