Interpret this phone call, part II

Not the same girl. At all. Switched gears completely.

You may recall my Pit threads about the guy who bought the building next door, Mr. “Fuck” Yu. Reprehensible, irresposible, bad neighbor, lying liar, fucking shit of an asshole sumbinch prick.

His reprehensible, irresposible, bad neighborly, lying liar, fucking shit of an asshole sumbinch prick-like antics were first brought to my attention by a nice woman in my apartment building. I owe her a debt of gratitude. We all do. She’s been spearheading a campaign to stop the douchebag from ruining the neighborhood. Without her, life would be far more miserable than it now is.

To call her a political activist is an understatement. A few months ago, she moved out of the building, and she’s still spearheading the fight to keep the asshole from being an asshole.

She keeps the neighborhood informed via a mailing list, which was my idea.

So anyway, on Wednesday, I got a phone message from her. I have no idea how she got my number, but I may have once signed a petition and left it there. She called me to ask me to vote for a certain politician, and to inform me of a hearing that Mr. Fuck Yu is required to attend so that he can receive his punishment for being an asshole. Apparently she is calling “everyone.” She left her number so that I could call her if I had any questions.

So last night I called her. She wasn’t there, so I left a message. About 15 minutes later, she called me back. She wanted to know “How can I help you?” I told her I just wanted to thank her for calling me, and thanks for fighting Fuck Yu. She once again pitched the politician.

This really should have been a 2 minute conversation with no followup.

But when it should have ended, she asked “So how have you been?” A 30 minute conversation ensued. We talked about a lot of stuff. I asked her where she moved to, and she told me. In pretty exacting detail. She didn’t give me an actual address, but if I wanted to, I’m sure I could find the house. And she talked about stuff like “I” decided to move, “I” bought a house, “I’m” expanding my business, so “we” decided to move.

“We”? Boyfriend? Husband? Girlfriend? Cat? England?

At any rate, she wants to see my artwork. I owe her an e-mail. She was pretty emphatic about her e-mail address, which was not the same as She was careful to spell out

I told her it was nice talking to her. She replied “It’s always nice talking to you!” I said that we should talk more often, and she voiced some sort of agreement to that, but I can’t remember exactly what she said. So I said “talk to you later”, but she’d already hung up.

So what do you think? Does she want to polish my knob? Get my vote? Get my business?

{{slap}} Do you want a silver platter?

Snap out of it man! Pursue it until you either get horribly rejected or she succumbs to your every desire. Either way stand up from your keyboard and have at it!

How many times do YOU get to live in this world? As far as I know it’s only one go around…

Dude, if you aren’t going to pursue this, please give me her e-mail address.


But the real question is, [del]is she hot[/del] do you find her attractive?

Yeah, I think so. Her gray hair is a little offputting, and her lazy eye is distracting, but she’s very pretty.

Sounds to me as if she wants to render you a very specific service, and I ain’t talking about a pedicure. :smiley:

Seriously, man, I’ve followed your romantic travails with interest on these boards. THIS is the big one. Keep your cool, but pursue. And, of course, keep us posted.

If she had wanted to polish your knob, she would have said so, so that you could reject her and call her a slut.

Yes, I am bitter.

Ask her out already.

Grey hair, lazy eye…FFS man you are a picky bugger and no mistake.

Stop pissing about and get in there

And the one-leg-shorter-than-the-other thing? That’s not a problem?

I have no complaints about her legs.

Speculation aside, you know she’s open to more conversation, why don’t you start there? Collect more evidence and then report back.

Go on, scoot.

The lazy eye may be a problem in the future though. If it all goes well, you won’t want her seeing other guys on the side.

For that, you should have to append another “bad” to the beginning of your screen name. :mad:

I had to do it! Someone is always quicker than I am with the bad jokes 'round here, so I took my shot.

If by bad, you mean good, I concur. BBRP, you bad!

The next step is to send her that e-mail. Let’s see how she responds to that.

The upside to all this is I got a nice little shot of confidence from it (and from a cute young lady in the office, who is, I swear, FLIRTING with me!), so I just asked out a coworker I’ve been interested in for some time. Not so much a hot pickup, but a cool “you ever free for lunch?” e-mail response to a work-related question. Let’s see if she responds.

Hey, don’t downplay this. It takes a lot of guts to make the first overt move in any situation - and twice as much in a work situation, where the worst-case scenarios are so much worse. Bravo. And good luck!

Thanks! I just love talking to her, and I love her name: Annaswamy.

I don’t suppose there’s room in the male mind for ‘be my friend, you know, like a man might do,’ is there? Le sigh. There may be a chance of her wanting to feel you out (not up) and see if you’re boyfriend or lover material. Are you attractive? Within her age range? A friendly e-mail won’t hurt.



I can do that, too. I don’t know what to make of it right now. But I’ll start with the e-mail and see where it goes from there.

And yeah, I think we’re age/looks compatible.