Thanks For The Message

Because I’m poor, I’ve rented out one of the spare rooms in my trailer. My roommate is about as sharp as a sack full of wet mice. He doesn’t know how to use a computer, can’t figure out how to work a VCR, and pines for the days when he was a garbage man. Today, he tells me that someone called for me yesterday. Someone named “Sheila.” I know of no one named Sheila, I do, however, have several applications and resume’s out there, so it’s entirely possible that someone from a place I’m trying to get a job at was named Sheila and was calling me for an interview, but I’ll never fucking know because my dipshit roommate was too stupid to get any more information from her other than her fucking name was Sheila! Thanks a fucking lot, dipwad!

LOL. No, I shouldn’t laugh at your roomate’s incompetence or your misfortune. I have given up on ever having roommates for that exact reason, you can never trust anyone but yourself with the important things in life.

BTW, it might be a good idea, though costly, to get a cell phone. Just give that number out to potential employers, and you never miss a call.

As soon as I get my tax refund (which should be any day now), I’m getting one.

And post a big sign by the phone (along with pen and paper) that says “TAKE COMPLETE FUCKING MESSAGES, LOSER!”

Did you by any chance tell him that you might be getting some important calls. I also doubt someone called about a job and just said “This is Sheila.”

I think Tuckerfan is saying that his ‘roomie’ is too ‘mentally challenged’ to comprehend more than 'some chick that said her name was Sheila. I think." “Sheila” may have given him plenty of information, he just didn’t take it in and didn’t think of writing it down. I’ve had to work with a lot of people at the lower end of the IQ scale, and that would be typical behavior.

Hopefully it was just a wrong number, or a telemarketer.

coosa, you’ve probably met my roommate, he’s from Alabama. The way he related the information to me was, “Sheila called.” I said, “I don’t know any Sheila.” He said, “She called and asked for you, I said, ‘He’s at work right now. Who’s calling?’ she said, ‘Sheila.’ I said, ‘I’ll tell him you called.’” He knows I’m trying to find another job and that people might be calling for me. There’s no way it was a telemarketer as I’m on the state’s “Do Not Call” list. He’s a fucktard who can’t even figure out how to operate a VCR! Gaaaah!

Met him? Hell, now I’m hoping I’m not related to him! :eek:

I know what that’s like… on at least two occasions, my roommates have gotten people calling about a translation contract, saved it on the machine (when this happens, the machine quits beeping when you pick up the phone - it’s actually a Call Answer service) and forgotten about it. That really helps, folks :rolleyes: