Interracial dating ban

I was looking at an Ashcroft profile on the BBC site when I came across this gem:

Excuse me? Can/could any insitution ban interracial dating in the US? These students are presumably aged 17-23.

A link to the BJU site.

I’m pretty sure that BJU, being a religious institution, is privately funded which leaves it free of many restrictions placed on taxpayer funded schools.

Yep, they’re wacky. As much as I hate to say anything to put fellow Christians in a bad light, BJU is just way over the top.

I went to a private high school which was distantly affiliated with BJU and we held some basketball tournaments there. Got to see some rules close up. Women have to wear skirts, no pants (though that might have changed inthe past 15 years.) All dates are chaparoned. Anything other than incidental contact between the opposite sexes is forbidden. Pretty sure there is still a curfew in affect as well.

The short answer is yes. Any private institution in the U.S. has the right to set pretty much any restriction on conduct they please. A private college may except government funding for a program, and that funding may carry non-discrimination clauses, but that’s a different matter. If the private club I belong to doesn’t want people with blue eyes as members, and will expel any member who dates a person with blue eyes, they are completely within their rights to do so. Just as the member is within his/her rights to quit the organization.

For that matter, public colleges also used to have very restrictive policies for things like curfew and visiting policies. Their justification was that they were acting “in loco parentis” (in place of a parent) for underage students.

Accept. ACCEPT. Damn, damn, damn.


Isn’t BJU Bozo Jones University?

According to the BJU* website, dress codes for visitors appear somewhat relaxed

It’s, really it is.

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An interesting story about Bob Jones University. They have an excellent religious art collection in their gallery. My girlfriend at the time was an art student, so she made me take her to visit.

I have long hair. (My brother died from cancer, so I grow out my hair every two years to donate it to charity when I get it cut).

After looking around the gallery for a bit, a worker bee said I had to put my “hair under my hat” so I wouldn’t offend other patrons. I guess it is better to wear a hat indoors then to have long hair.

Cue story. Did Jesusu have short hair, above the collar, and showing the ears? :slight_smile:

Has anyone made a “no pants” joke yet?

No? Well then… ahhahaha no pants ahahahhh

Thank you.