Intervention, Hoarders, and Obsessed on Netflix Streaming

I am thinking of having a mental illness marathon this weekend. Does anyone have favorite episode recommendations? I might jump into the Christy intervention episode for the sheer train-wreck appeal. I know I’ll leave for last the Obsessed episode with the woman who cleans her anus and vagina with a toothbrush until she bleeds - ugh! What is the best Hoarders episode? I saw an episode with about 40 dead animal carcasses found.

Whoa, when did these come to Netflix Instant Watch? Intervention was one of the very [very very very very very] few shows I missed when I canceled my cable tv service. And I’ll watch any show with a bleeding anus and vagina. Thanks for the tip!

Snap! Two of the funniest posts I have read on the Dope today, in one thread.

I just checked the wiki article on Hoarders, and the many-dead-cats episode is the same one with the one I sympathized with the most, a young man (also dealing with OCD) stuck at home with his alcoholic father. The young guy lived in fear of things like if he threw out his dog’s shedded fur, it was like rejecting or destroying his dog symbolically, and his dog would die. He was obviously in tremendous pain due to his hoarding and OCD. Considering so many shows had people who openly rejected change or went along with the show only because of threat of eviction/kids being taken away, it was quite a difference seeing this poor young man in such an emotional state. It’s titled “Jake/Shirley”, and is in the first season, episode 105.

I’m most familiar with Intervention. Since you mentioned train wreck appeal you might check out Sylvia from Season 2 (ep. 14) and Laney, from Season 3 (ep.10). I don’t think you can leave out Allison, the Huffer, from Season 5 (ep. 9)

Do you live somewhere where you can break up your marathon with bursts of fresh air and sunshine? I watched about 6 episodes of Hoarders on Monday and was pretty wrung out by that.

Was Silvia the middle-aged lady who breaks into her mother’s friends’ (or something like that) wine cabinet then couldn’t find a corkscrew so she ruined one of their knives hacking at the cork? That was one of my faves too.

Also great was the stay-at-home mom who drank mouthwash.

[quote=“DCnDC, post:6, topic:553368”]

I always hear about this idea. Can someone really get drunk on mouthwash? I would think you would throw up before getting even lightly drunk.

What is the alcohol content of that stuff? Is it Listerine or Scope kind?

Ugh, I’m disgusted just thinking about it.

Sure. This lady would go to sleep with one of those giant bottles of generic mouthwash like it was a teddy bear.


Wow. Talk about controlling one’s gag reflex. I accidentally swallowed a bit of mouthwash(might have been Act, Scope, or Listerine) when I was a kid and I almost hurled immediately.

The total amount was about half a cap of it(the amount you swish).

Watch that episode if you can. I think her name was Lesley. It’s so fucked up. She’s got like 3 or 4 small kids, and they’re poking at her while she’s passed out on the front lawn after failing to get her sister to drive her to the liquor store. She goes through the trash to drink the few remaining drops out of bottles of vodka her husband poured out and threw away.

Yeah, for me that one leaves the trainwreck arena and is almost too heartbreaking to watch. Now I’m trying to think of the name of the blonde lady who’d sit in her driveway to drink and flash her boobs at the neighbors.

There’s another one featuring a young mad (late teens early 20s) who lives in a trailer on his mom’s property and the police get involved. I thought his name was Dylan, but couldn’t find it in a quick glance. I seem to recall his exchange with the cops being entertaining.

DCnDC, that’s the right Sylvia. She also has to “run out to the bank” about eleven times each work day.

I saw that one on Hulu, btw, so you may not even need Netflix to watch it.

It was horrifying.

Oh yeah Sylvia! She’s the one who’d wail “Mah babies!” over and over while drunk (she lost custody of her kids due to drinking). I might rewatch the Brooke episode to try to get a different perspective. She’s the girl who had horrible arthritis and some undiagnosed pain problem so she abused pain killers. The episode took place around her sister’s wedding and her family were horrible to her (at least that was the impression I had back when I watched it). I want to find the episode with the bulimic who kept rubbermaid totes of her puke.

Luckily, this weekend is sunny and gorgeous so I have a great way to detox from the crazy. Hoarders makes me obsessively clean my apartment so I’ll probably save those for tomorrow.

Oh this was great. I introduced my Mig to Hoarders and pointed out similarities between him and the father in that family in the first episode. That deck to nowhere reminded me of Mig’s woodpile…“for the fence” I hope we never build, because that will be one ugly fence.