Introduce me to some new music (and I'll return the favor)

I feel like I’ve mostly been in a musical rut lately. I tend to like late 70s- early 80s pop and punk (e.g. XTC, Devo, Jam, X, Ramones, Clash, Joe Jackson), most of Elvis Costello’s catalog, Americana and those influenced by it (e.g. Gillian Welch, Lightnin’ Hopkins, The Derailers, Grateful Dead, Townes Van Zandt), and some hard-to-categorize folks (e.g. Neko Case, Minus 5). But there are whole genres that I know little or nothing about (electronica, hip-hop, jazz, classical among them) with the biggest gaps in music by non-white and non-American artists, most everything recorded before I was born (1960), and pop from the last 20 years or so. But don’t limit your suggestions to those areas

So hit me with your favorites. Links to stream/downloads appreciated. Thank you.

And in return, I give you Kasey Anderson. A Portland OR singer-songwriter who sounds a little like Steve Earle. I like Steve but never quite connected to him like I did with Kasey’s latest album (Nowhere Nights) which has been on heavy rotation in my house since I got it. I saw him play a short set a couple weeks ago and he sounds better live than on the album. His website streams songs, and you can request a free four song sampler there as well (he’s in the just finished SXSW and a in the midst of a long tour (he is his own webmaster) so he may be a little slow to respond to requests.

Please don’t ask me to re-type everything, but you can check out my Best of 2009 on my blog (link below, in my sig).

I also review Ass Jack’s album, and I hope to have a couple more reviews up (Ihsahn’s new album After is first on my list), but I just haven’t the time to write them properly.

There’s links and stuff so you can hear tunes as you read.

ETA: Most of what’s on my blog is metal, but not all. Check out Mammal for instance.

I posted this link to another thread, but I like this band so much, I’m going to post it again. Check out Shayna Zaid and the Catch, live at Time Square on New Years Eve (I think they performed at SXSW a few days ago).

I also really like Chrissi Poland and Susan Enan.

komeda is one of the best bands i know that hardly anyone else has heard of, but loves them as soon as they do. Probably cause they’re from Sweden and never caught on here for some reason

If you missed out on Animal Collective I highly recommend them. They’ve blown up recently since making the top of many “Best of 2009” lists with their fantastic album Merriweather Post Pavilion. Most people seem to like My Girls, but for my money the 2 best songs off the album are Summertime Clothes & In The Flowers.

My main current man-crush tho is on Dan Deacon. I loved his whole Bromst album which is a dizzying display of his electronic-mad-scientist-with-a-13-piece-orchestra aesthetic. Build Voice & Snookered are my two faves.

Listened to a the Kasay Anderson track on his site (I Was a Photograph). Not really my bag - a little too… polished sounding for my tastes, but he clearly has quite a bit of talent. His voice is strong and distinctive and really packs some emotion into his songs.

If you haven’t clicked on any of the links I’ve posted in the last 9 years, how about now? There are 6 original songs and one Christmas song that I haven’t gotten around to deleting yet. If you like all 6, you’re almost sure to like all 11 albums (which are available to hear on YouTube, and as streaming audio). Many songs can be downloaded free too.

If not, maybe in another 9 years. :smiley:

Btw, I second Komeda, they’re really really fun! Bootis, I’ve been a fan for years. That’s my favorite song by them too. It’s funny, I’ve listened to them for years, loved everything I’ve ever heard, and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a video.

For something completely different, if you’re not into the above, check out some amazing and fun old-timey swamp blues played by 3 talented young whippersnappers, Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band. Scroll down on the player and play “My Old Man Boogie” and then, “My Soul To Keep.” If you like those two, then listen to the others. They’ve toured with Flogging Molly and turned a whole new generation onto some serious jump-up-and-down-and-dance-like-a-loon (as opposed to curl-up-in-a-ball-crying) blues.

They’re on the Warped tour later in the summer and they are a MUST SEE. They tour like crazy all year round and they’re a lot of fun live. If they come anywhere near where you are, grab as many friends as you can and force them at gunpoint to go. I swear they will thank you later and from then on regard you with awe for being aware of the band and making them go.

I’ve become a big fan of theMother Hips. I started with some of their newer stuff and have been working my way back. They’ve got some light, fluffy bubblegum but even that’s starting to grow on me and their overall sound of “California Soul” is very appealing. Think Grateful Dead meets Allman Brothers.

White Falcon Fuzz

The Time We Had

Lion and the Bull

Potrero Road

Chris Smither is a great songwriter and guitarist, and one of the most engaging performers I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. A hell of a nice guy, too.

Train Home
Leave the Light On
Link of Chain
Hold On/Sittin’ On Top of the World

And a couple of songs you’ve probably heard before:
Statesboro Blues
Rock n Roll Doctor (followed by Smither’s own Another Way to Find You)

Dave Alvin’s another one. He played guitar in the Blasters with his brother Phil, then went out on his own in the mid 80s. He does solo acoustic stuff (more roots/Americana) and plays with the Guilty Men (roots/blues) and the Guilty Women (a little more country/bluegrass). No matter who he’s playing with, he puts on a great show too.

Second Enginerd’s recommendation of Chris Smither. Another rootsy guy I’ve been listening to a lot is Scott MIller.
He’s a wonderfully intelligent songwriter, and a hell of a nice guy. I saw him just a few weeks ago, - he puts on a great show! “Freedom’s a Stranger” is a song I’m listening to a lot lately, as well as “I Made a Mess of This Town”.
You can sample lots of his stuff here.

Want something obscure?: I give you: Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou. Youtube example here. Wonderful Ethiopian pianist and creator of truly original music, IMO. I have never heard anything quite like her anywhere.

Chad VanGaalen
Mother Mother
Tegan and Sara