introducing me, and other spiffaliciousness

I just realized that I’ve been here for almost 500 posts and I have never properly introduced myself. I just kind of snuck in through the old Very Vaguely Creepy thread and branched out from there. Even found myself a sexy little cowboy-hat-wearin’ Texan to be my virtual husband and make continuous suggestive statements with on #straightdope without ever introducing myself.

So… how YOU doin’?

Hi, racinchikki!

I’d say that you have done right well for yourself for a lady who was never “properly” introduced!

And I am STILL laughing over the image of a hoard of ranch hands scotch guarding a herd of cows!

(From one of many shining moments in racinchikki’s chat history)


I’ve never really properly introduced myself here, but that didn’t stop me from accumulating over 2500 deathless gems.

Hi racin!

Pun, at first read I thought that said “over 2500 deathless germs”. I truly was lost.

I feel stupid.

hugs racin would you rather I had said deathless stars? I was quoting my mommy there . . .

Everyone feels stupid from time to time. The problem is when the time you feel stupid is greater than the time in between times. Or something.

Damn, it hurts to think.

In case you didn’t know, that would be me :D.
I love you, racin!
Important knowledge: “wwnn” is an abbreviation for “wink, wink, nudge, nudge”