Introducing the lovely Nymysys

An apostrophe, damnit, who stole my apostrophe! A thosand pardons, ma’lady.

Nym: I shall goad you all I want. Twas merely a spelling error (Gaudere’s Rule!) but the Freuidanism of “goad” instead of “glad” is somehow… fitting. And you know I only hiss to make it look good. :wink:

Demo: Aww, a jealous hag! sniffle That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said about me in a while!

[sub]Kidding… kidding[/sub]

Heya Nym! Why the hell is it that you’re only now getting your party? I had mine and i wasn’t even a member yet! That’s just bad manners, i say.

Who, me?
:nonchalantly wanders over to GD for a while:

Welcome, Nymysys~

Happy posting!


Greetings and salutations.

They’re an odd bunch, but they’ll grow on you (like a rare and tropical fungus).

Me? I’ve taken off the pink tutu and leather jacket; y’all can open your eyes again.

Hi, Nymysys, nice ta meetcha.

That’s quite a compliment really. Compared to what I have been called;)

**Nym ** Well it’s only…

…wait a sec… if I respond I’m no longer ignoring you…

Hmmm… conundrum…
To be honest I haven’t consciously ignored you. But my subconscious can be a wicked little bastich.

But looking at how many periods I just used it may be easier to go back to not responding…

Hi Nymysys! :slight_smile:

I go out for an evening and my thread doesn’t turn into an orgy? I disappointed with the lot of you. I’m going back to sleep.

Aww Nym, sorry… we won’t let it happen again, I promise! Wake up now!

Okay, NOW I’m awake. I still wasn’t fit for human company at last post.

Nym, I find that somehow hard to believe that you would ever be unfit for human company. And hey, I was BORED without you around to talk to last night! Don’t you realize you’re supposed to entertain me? I mean, really. Jeez. And, you missed your T day. :wink:

<rummaging in Welcom Wagon bag> Here’s your coupon for a free Mary Kay makeover (not that you need it cutie!), a free oil change at Jiffy Lube, a rent one get one free, not good on new releases at Pick-A-Flick and finally a coffee cake.

Welcome Welcome Welcome


Ooohhh, yeah, unfit I was. Went to meet a friend for a drink and ended up surrounded by men trying to offer me various concoctions at 400a. Of course, I’d already HAD various concoctions, which would explain the 400a bit. How do these things keep happening to me? I just wanted a little conversation and a little crown royal. Anway, I’ve slept it off and I’m here now. What shakes?

Poysyn, how sweet! Mmm coffee cake…

Nym, and you didn’t bring any of the men or Crown Royal back with you to your party? Shame on you…

Who said I didn’t bring any back? Maybe that was why I was in bed so late. :smiley: Or, you know, maybe not.

Oohhh, coffee cake. Poysyn is invited to ALL my parties! Along with the rest of you. Except MikeG who doesn’t have the good goddamned sense to remember me when he meets me.

And yeah, I hang on the back porch with the smokers and heathens and Kjers-parties.

Various concoctions? Shame on you Nym. You need to share with the board what concoctions you’d had. Share with the board Nym. Share with the board.
OH and since this is supposed to be a real party…

[oldscratch comes back with about 20 various people on various stages of undress, consioussness, and general fuckedupedness]

Oldscratch! And here I thought you were supposed to be protecting my honour! What am I going to do with a party full of drunk nekkid people?

Well, when in Rome I guess…