Introducing the lovely Nymysys

That’s right. I’m presenting the lovely and talented Nymysys to the board.
You can view her by checking my sig.

Just to warning you, I’ve accepted the difficult task of protecting her honor. Watch it.


My lady, It is my most unworthy priviledge to welcome you to this board, indeed may I say that we have long awaited the arrival of so gracious a lady to grace our table …MINSTRALS, PLAY… JESTERS, JEST! Your slightest wish shall be our most ardent command, malady. Speak, and it shall be done.

(Pssst, oldscratch, got any naked pics?}

Of course the best way to protect her honour would be to ensure that she makes it to the ChiDopeMMI in Jan;)

Oh sure, I go to sleep finally, and a welcome party for Nym breaks out in my absence. What else did I miss? Oh, and a new sig addition too. Fine. It’s ok. I know where I stand… “Protect her honor” indeed…

Hmm, it’s a day that begins with a T. Should I welcome Nym, or hiss and make air claws at her?

Aww, hell. I like her too much…

In the short time that I’ve known Nymysys, she’s made me very goad that we met. Thanks for all the words of kindness and support, especially these past few days, Nym… I mean it!

Glad to have you aboard, Nymysys… enjoy the ride.
[sub]Not hissing at scratchie’s new sig was pretty damn tough I’ll have you know ;)[/sub]

Oh sure!

I welcome you in the Welcome Wagon thread. I open a thread just so you don’t get bored. But oldscratch gets a pic and I don’t. That’s fine, I didn’t want to see what you look like anyway. Nyaaahh. :stuck_out_tongue:

…and after seeing her pic I’ve decided I must hiss after all…

::makes air-claws:: hiss

But I must say, damn, girl! If I was your neighbor, I’d covet you. (Hee hee, you probably missed that thread, but oldscratch will get the joke!) Somehow, methinks you won’t have a problem finding a “green card” husband in TO! :wink:

Nym’s a hottie… Nym’s a hottie! Nya nya nya!

um, VaHermit - are you aware that you called Nymysys a disease?

Damn you, Crunchy! I just noticed that and was replying when I saw you had!

I’d say she’s more of an… affliction. In the best possible sense of the word. :wink:

I’m not so sure about Nymysys. She’s 27, looks like that, but is still single. She must have a terrible personality. :wink:

[sub]Just teasin’ Nymmy. You know I love ya![/sub]

Hi Mymysys: I’m glad to be able to practice my “y’s” by typing your user naem ;). I know from what I’ve seen from you in chat that you will fit in fine. Sit down, take off your coat and stay a while.


Are you going to practice your 'N’s next? And after you practice all your letters, are you going to work on putting them in the right order? :smiley:

Aw, Scratch-

I thought I was your…

I thought we had something special.

Goddamn you.

I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting ** Nym ** but consider this the formal welcome.

trumpets blare while the red carpet is rolled out

huzzah and welcome!

::Odieman bangs head on keyboard:: Shit, shit, shit shit!!!

Sorry Nymysys. ::flees in embarassment::


Inetersting. When I bang my head on the keyboard, it looks like this:

evgttibuturigb awrg

How do you get it to form words when you do it?

Hee hee, s’okay Odie. Isn’t that akin to Gaudere’s Rule? When making a grammar/spelling nitpick post, you are guaranteed to make a spelling/grammar error yourself.

<yawn> G’morning, gang. What did I miss?

Okay, I’m awake now. Let’s get started. <cracks knuckles>

Val, I’m certainly no lady, but a DISEASE? Methinks you’ve got me all wrong. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure.

Android, you KNOW I’m not going to pass up meeting you, dearest. My honour shall remain intact. I’m a disease of my word. Er, lady. Er…PERSON!

Rasa, I’m not sure how I feel about you being goad to meet me. Between that and the hissing you’re making me feel FUNNY!

Froggy, I look like that through the magic of photoshop. I’m really a bald, male, 87 year old midget living in my parents basement. Believe it.

dpr, I’m ignoring you, buddy. You’ve been ignoring me in all threads since I got on these boards. :stuck_out_tongue: to you! :smiley:

Odie, it’s okay, sweetie. Don’t run away. I’ve been called worse things than Mymysys. Ref: Val.

Thanks, gang. You make waking up more interesting.

Now I really wish I had paid more attention at that party!

Can you believe I met you IRL and don’t remember:eek:?

Now that I’ve seen your picture, were you out on the back porch most of the time?

[the preceding was intended to show all of you how very much ahead of you I am, so you might as well take your balls and go home:)]
[sub]in my own mind[/sub]

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t post to my own sister’s welcome thread… :wink:

Nym, hon, lemme ease the fears you must be having at this point:

Not, everyone on this board is a spaz, like oldscratch, or a ren-faire-lurking loser like VaHermit, or a horny, drunk bastard like Andy(well, you can let that slide), or a miserable, pandering fool like Crunchy, or a jealous hag like Rasa, or illiterate like Odie, or spiteful like Ratatosk, or a stalker like Mike G.

Most people here are really, really cool.
Like me.

Welcome to our (not so) humble abode.

(note: I didn’t have anything nasty to say about dpr, and my mom always said, “If you don’t have some nasty to say, well then don’t say it at all.”)