Introduction from Oregon!

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum, and I just wanted to put up the usual first-post stuff, I am happy to be part of this online community and excited to exchange ideas with you guys.

The weather this morning was rainy, and now just cloudy. I love the rain though, and I am excited to take the dogs out later today. They don’t care what the weather is like as long as they get to run around :slight_smile:

Where exactly are you in OR?

Welcome to the board? Beware of goats and bring pie.

Welcome, and hello from Texas. I understand chocolate is good also if you don’t have pie. There are many here, just like snowflakes, all different. They are. Pull up a chair and get aquainted.

p.s. dogs are cool.

Welcome and greetings from a fellow Oregonian!

Here’s the deal. You avoid the word “Californication” and we won’t say “Oregonorrhea”. Okay? Welcome aboard.

Welcome from Chicago! It snowed a little tonight and I liked it.

Howdy from an Oregon eastsider

Greetings from SE Portland

Greetings from the Eastern TIme Zone.

Greetings from a former Portland/Eugener…something like that :slight_smile:

Go to Saturday Market for me!!

Hrm…I just realized I was thinking of Eugene when I said that, but it’s Oregon: EVERYWHERE has Saturday Markets :smiley:

Greetings from another Texan.

Are you here because I invited you two days ago? (I tried to recruit someone recently.)

Welcome, welcome! :slight_smile: Please have some ice cream. I understand the licorice flavour is especially good today.

Hello from Eugene! Beautiful day today, cloudy and grey but nice and warm in the afternoon. I love a muggy drizzle.

Greetings and salutations from the southern hemisphere, where the weatheris fine.

Just so you know, the mere mention of your pets compels you to post pictures. It’s in the registration agreement somewhere.