Invade a country - get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

True, although it’s because there’s an alphabetical, rotating membership, not because everyone admires Cuba’s commitment to human rights.

LOL, also, Carter actually had to work for peace to get the thing. :wink:

–quote from Alfred Nobel’s will.

Even if you think the war was justified, you’d have to have the mental capacity of a chimp to claim that the Iraq war fits in with the guidelines for the peace prize. Absolutely ridicolous.

Seriously. Kissing Arafat’s and Castro’s asses for two decades can take a lot out of a man.


–Alfred Nobel

Odd sentiment for a ‘pacifist’ who was raking in the ducats from said factories.

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Soundbites are a good substitute for hard thinking.

Sam Stone:
Quotes from 1984 have been reduced to “sound bites” now? Man we are in trouble.