Invasion (New ABC Show) and Katrina

Form the ABC website:

According to this story in the LA Times although they are delaying the promotion, they have no plans to delay the premiere or to edit the show in any way. The show is not primarily about a hurricane, but the hurricane is a catalyst. I have to admit that I am looking forward oto this show, but I think they should consider delaying it for a couple of weeks at least.

Fox did a similar thing with 24 (original airdate: 11/6/01). The premiere episode featured an exploding plane, but most of that footage was edited out.

The show looks terrible (Body Snatchers anyone?) but I say bring it on. It’s topical without being exploitive.

It should be a pretty good show. I’ve seen the first 45 minutes of it, and it’s not bad at all. Interesting premise, good characters, and Shaun Cassidy can be spooky as hell when he wants to be.

I think they should go ahead with it.

Sadly, the people who it would bother will not have power for weeks (if not months)! :frowning: