Invasion Support Group

Much like the Pastor and his attempts to unite and give council I feel it’s my moral imperative to bring together the few and fragmented followers of the ABC Primetime program known as Invasion.

I realize that we’ve seen many endangered and isolated fans of copycat shows Threshold and Surface forsaken by their networks and left to flounder aimlessly. As the fans of the remaining Sci-Fi Alien drama we have an obligation, in the name of Fox Mulder, to stand strong and discuss the minutiae of each episode as any respectable group of fanboys and fangirls do. It may fall to the likes of us to ensure that our program has a home in the Fall and the last few episodes shall determine if we have a drama to call our own.

Tonite was a banner day for our little show. The drama escalates and our antagonist and protagonist appear to be forging a union against a common and greater foe. The hybrids appear to have infiltrated nearly every facet of authority and the invasion appears to be imminent under the shadow of a second major hurricane. Things are looking bleak and it seems our noble hero’s hopes to evacuate with his fractured family will be staid.

Anyways, enough with the prose. Great episode, I’m hoping a few of you Losties, not having a new episode this week, stayed on long enough to see what I estimate to be a pretty damn exciting show. Our occasionally annoying teenage son seems to be one of the few speaking as the voice of reason and urgency. There’s a taste of illicit romance brewing too.

I know you’re out there, quietly, maybe ashamed, watching and hoping for this show to fulfill it’s potential. Now, with competitors eliminated, it could flourish into a success and you’ll count yourselves as lucky to have been there at the ground floor. Thank me later.

What bothered me this time, and often before, is the way Ranger-Dad keeps insisting that his children regard Blonde-Doc-hybrid as their mother. Uh, no. Just a somewhat reasonable facsimile.

Ranger-Dad has a new wife, a pregnant new wife, plus the existing kids. He has no business leaving them hostages to fate while getting way too close to ex-wife/alien. He should have packed up the lot and gotten away from the area WEEKS ago. Stash them somewhere safe and come back, if he feels duty bound, but standing around watching humans being converted and STILL letting your children be under the control of hybrid-mother??? What is wrong with you??

I watched it regularly for quite a while, but finally quit when I realized I felt more relief when it was over than anticipation before it started. It just failed to hold my attention.

Some of the critics have said that it felt like a sci-fi mystery/conspiracy that never paid off. The big events just never seemed to come through and it was nothing but mood building. I can’t say I agree with that assessment, and I tend to be the type who prefers a slower pay off - shows that move fast tend to end up being outlandish like 24 since they write themselves into a corner - but I think it’s safe to say that the last two episodes haven;t suffered from anything like that.

It’s full on conflict at the moment.

I like what they’ve been doing the past few episodes, and I hope it’s renewed, but I think it’s just probably too late.

I almost gave up on the show after the fourth episode or so… man, NOTHING happened! I stuck with it, though, and I’m fairly well enjoying it now. Things are finally happening.

When Ranger Dad was telling his son that they were going to leave town, my wife and I both said out loud “to the desert!” :slight_smile:

I must admit, I feel kinda icky in how attractive I find the youngest daughter (Kira?). I know the actress is like 23 or so, but she looks like she’s 15. I was actually a bit surprised to find out that the character was supposed to be in high school.

Oh, and does the son have any expression other than “disgusted apathy”?

OK - I have all of the episodes on my TiVo. I think I watched the first 2 episodes. I liked the first two, but because of other shows, it has been relegated to maybe getting watched on a lazy Sunday, or if I get a cold.

Convince me to watch the series.

Watch the series or I’ll shoot this coyote.

(bonus points to whoever catches the reference)

I’ve been a fan since the beginning but initially a reluctant one. I like Eddie Cibrian despite Tilt and Underlay is one of those “hey, it’s that guy” actors who whenever I see him I like. Wasn’t familiar with anyone else in the cast (although Mariel was on Wonderfalls as Sharon’s girlfriend but she looks very different with blonde hair so I didn’t recognize her). I taped it because it was on after Lost; if not for that it might have fallen off. About six weeks or so in it just started clicking. Not really sure why but it works for me. I do wish that the glacial pace would pick up just a little and the kid who plays Jesse is a total snooze but I’m in.

I love the guy who plays Deputy Sirk. He plays the subdued crazy really beautifully. Good special effects for his missing arm too. I may develop an amputee fetish…

Kari Matchett was a lot better on Power Play and Earth: Final Conflict . The only reason I ever batted an eye at this show was because of her. Nice to see she gets the props she deserves by ending up on a big American network, but she’d be better on a law or medical show.

My husband and I both really like the show. It’s odd to me that the American Gothic fans don’t seem to be watching it; there are some definite similarities, most of them good. Sometimes I think the individual episodes are a little rushed in their mission to wrap up something every time, but overall I enjoy the writing and the acting.