Have I missed anything good by not watching "Invasion"? (Spoilers welcome.)

I watched the first couple of episodes of “Invasion”, and then lost interest. I had enjoyed Shawn Cassidy’s series “American Gothic”, so I wanted to give “Invasion” a chance, but somehow it didn’t hook me. (Maybe it was the annoying kid factor.) So I haven’t watched an episode since, but I’ve seen the promos.

My impression is that they keep almost getting the answers, but then not quite. (Of course, one could say the same thing about “Lost”, but that show grabbed me with the pilot, and the characters and situations have been intriguing enough to keep me watching since.)

So, for those who have watched “Invasion” steadily, is it worth the time? Does the show ever get anywhere? At this point in the series, what do we know for sure on the subject of What the Hell is Going On?


Hmm. Well, you’ve missed Eddie Cibrian with his shirt off a couple times, if you’re into that sort of thing. You’ve missed the blonde ladydoc in several baths, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m finding the show very confusing. Some weeks it’s like the lady doc knows she’s a pod person and other weeks she doesn’t. Her creepy husband on more than one occasion has had conversations with her where it sounds like he has to be addressing the creature as opposed to the human ladydoc, but then the next week she’s back to asking questions and he’s trying to hide stuff from her.

I’m pretty much watching out of inertia at this point. It’s on after Lost and I tape Lost, so it’s just as easy to tape Invasion too. If Invasion moved to another night I’d probably not follow it.

I haven’t watched the last two episodes yet, but so far, it seems to be a whole lot of pretending that they’re revealing things while not actually revealing anything. I’m finding the lack of facts annoying at this point.

I think you’ll like last night’s episode – lots of nice reveals.

I’d be hard-pressed to say which of last night’s “Big Shows” I enjoyed more: Invasion or Lost. I don’t recall that ever happening before.

I hope you are right. I have it on DVR, but to be honest, I have started to lose interest as I have no idea what the hell is going on, and I think the writers are about as clueless as I am…so hope this most recent episode goes somewhere. So far it has been a lot of running around looking for whatever and not finding it.

I am one of the three known William Fitchner fans on earth, and his portrayal of a very strange, multilayered character is mesmerizing. But, just so my bias is clear: You can keep Cibrian with his shirt off; I’ll take William Fitchner with his hand on his gun holster. ROWRF! He’s just so macho it makes me wriggle like a puppy.

I think it’s an interesting conceit that the pod people have differing levels of awareness of what has happened to them, and wildly different responses to the situation: suicide, murder, murder-suicide, confusion, calm certainty, etc. And I like how the writers keep you guessing and are taking the time to let the story evolve. My opinions about who’s a “good guy” and who’s a “bad guy” flipflop about every two episodes, but there’s a strong feeling that there is a logic under it all, that it’s actually going somewhere.

That being said, IMHO, Lost whoops the ass of Invasion. Lost is much smarter, has a defter touch, and a stupendous cast.

As far as I’m concerned, they could jettison half the cast of Invasion without losing much. The sooner plucky, pregnant reporter Larkin and there-for-the-teen-demographic wannabe-incestuous step-siblings Kira and Jesse get eaten by crocodiles, the better. (The UFO-enthusiast slacker brother, Dave, used to be on The List, but, I’m ashamed to admit that he’s growing on me.) And we could have done without Russell’s Dark Past. I mean, c’mon, isn’t it enough that he’s a passionate scientist, a family man, and all-around hero? Noooo, underneath the sensitive, clean-cut exterior, he’s gotta be all dark and deep and stuff. We gotta know that he could just SNAP! just like THAT!! any SECOND!!! Whatever.