Invasion - Who's into it?

With all the rabid Losties and 24 addicts there’s certainly no shortage of TV junkies on the Dope. I’ve just recently gotten hooked on Lost this season and with it leading right into Invasion it’s caught my interest as well. Being one of a glut of Sci-Fi Alien themed shows back in the Fall it got somewhat glossed over, but it now seems to be the only one holding water at this point.

The plot has really gotten pretty far along and I’m liking the story telling. Consideing it’s a over-arching mystery/conspiracy type show I’m hating that I’m unable to come here and rant and rave about theories and weekly happenings. So, I suppose I’m wondering who in Doperland is still watching this show and if anyone is hooked on it as well.

Frankly I look forward to it more than Lost at this point. I finally feel like somethings filling that void I’ve had since X-Files became no more.

::: sniff :::

I…I thought I was the only one…

I’ve gone back and forth on this show. I liked it initially, then it started getting complicated for complicated’s sake, and in recent weeks I’ve been enjoying it (despite some painfully obvious plot developments). The show has some elements in common with Sean Cassidy’s previous show that I liked, American Gothic, and the plot is advancing fast enough to hold my interest. I really like the one-armed deputy and I have hopes that he will be back and become a central character.

And I hope the mysteries get resolved before the inevitable cancelation. I get so tired of getting into mystery shows only to have them pulled out from under me by jittery networks.

I don’t know what it’s ratings look like but I’m hoping that it’s coupling with Lost has them high enough to warrant a second season. The cast is certainly good enough.

I’m one of those types who likes overly complicated shows so the more scrambled and non-linear elements of midseason were some of my favorites. In a way I feel like they’ve been reealing things too quickly ove rthe past few episodes. Worries me that it’s being rushed in expectation of a cancellation, but perhaps the story just has more opportunity for mystery and layers of complexity I’m not seeing yet. Still, the introduction of the new rogue Alien assassin has tons of promise.

I watch it. My current question is, was there anything else in that room? Why the locks for just that one thing if there wasn’t?
Conspiracy shows are just fun.

Invasion is my least favorite show that I regularly watch…how’s that for an underwhelming compliment?

I think Surface is better - even though it is a rip off of almost every Spielberg film ever made.

So - yeah, still have Invasion on my DVR list…but haven’t quite figured out what the hell is happening and hope they start to pull it together soon. If this weren’t such a crappy season for new shows, I doubt I would still be watching it.

I assume there was. Though the fact they showed as much dust and cobwebs in it as they did makes me wonder. Not that that kind of continuity is always to be expected. The best theory I have is that it was a storage spot for the weapons that he ditched in the lake the previous episode.

What he said.

I enjoy Invasion. It’s not particularly revolutionary, groundbreaking television, but it’s fun to watch. I’ve always liked William Fichtner. And Eddie Cibrian has a phenomenal ass.

I’m enjoying it too, so I confidently expect it to be canned.

I like William Fichtner a lot too, but I had to give up on Invasion. I was watching it every week, but as nothing continued to happen I found my attention drifting more and more. Finally I forgot all about it, which is apparently exactly when things started to happen again.

And I’m not a high-action, thrilling chase scene kind of person, either. Stranger Than Paradise is one of my favorite movies, and the only thing that happens in that is a lot of smoking and driving. Invasion’s first half just seemed to be dragging on endlessly, promising revelations that either never came or were visible from a mile off. I may give it another go, though, since you all seem to be indicating that it’s picked up now.

I’m not exactly riveted by Invasion, but count me as another William Fitchner fan. And I thought this week’s episode (“Redemption”) was really excellent. The way that Underlay has slid from Large and In Charge to flailing and out of control has been fascinating to watch.

And this episode confirms what I’ve believed for a long time: Russel is a complete and utter tool. Telling a doctor whose husband has been shot “You’ve got to do everything you can to keep him alive!” is just beyond the pale. If I were Mariel, I would have decked him.

Was anyone else squicked out by the fact that last week Jesse and Kira were watching A Summer Place? Icky icky icky icky icky! (I applaud the writers. That was a nice touch. :slight_smile: )

I enjoy Invasion. It has some truly wonderful moments. Sometimes I get a little frustrated, though, because it sometimes seems like they came up with a series of great images and/or revelations and then cast about for some way to fill in space in between them. The pacing’s a bit off at times.

Fichtner’s great, no question. What really impresses me, though, is that all three of the kid characters are well-written and well-played. I wish I thought they were doing as well with Ms. GutsyReporter/PregnantWife.

Is anybody else wondering who this “Mona Gomez” character played by Aisha Hinds is? She’s in the credits, but I don’t think we’ve actually seen her, have we?

I agree with the concensus - it’s entertaining and not a bad way to spend an hour, but it’s not exactly great. I think more suspense could be had by showing us, the viewers, things that the characters are unaware of.