I need something to watch

Trek is over, Galactica comes back next month, 24 not until January, and it’s still 2 months until football season.

I have nothing to watch, except for Adult Swim, which is also reruns for the most part.

What is there to find out there? With my strange tastes, can someone recommend a new show to get into? I like the feeling of anticipation I get when waiting for a good TV show to come on. What show is good enough to get my attention, to make me feel that way?

I’m open to suggestions.

I think Lost might be good, although I was a touch grossed out by the first episode. Otherwise, like you, I’m pretty much stuck.


Is renting TV shows on DVD an option? If so, I highly recommend Arrested Development, The Shield, Scrubs, The Office, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The West Wing, and probably Firefly (although I’ve only seen the pilot)–you like sci-fi, so you’d probably dig it the most.

I would reccomend Rescue Me which will begin airing a new series very soon. Here is a link to the FX site

It stars Dennis Leary as a New York firefighter dealing with the loss of close friends during 9-11 and his subsequent divorce and alcoholism issues.

It is a pretty graphic show. Acting is terrific and the story lines have been great up until this point.

Let us know what you decide on.