Recommend me a tv series

I need to find a new tv series to watch with my girlfriend. Preferably one that has run for a while.

Show I like:
The Wire
Flight of the Conchords
How I Met Your Mother
Shows I didn’t like
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Battlestar Galactica (the current incarnation)
Rome, Six Feet Under, or any of the other HBO originals (though Rome didn’t run for too long)

Thanks for suggestions troub.

Burn Notice.

Check out “Rescue Me”.

The West Wing

Classy dialogue, great acting and strong characters; no vampires, weird storylines or car chases

Arrested Development, Boomtown, The Shield, The Sopranos, NYPD Blue, 30 Rock, and Weeds are all good.

It might help if you gave us some information about what it was you liked and disliked about the series you listed.

Seconding Battlestar and The Sopranos.

Quantum Leap, Remington Steele, and Soap are favorites of mine that are available in toto on DVD.

If you haven’t seen it already and you don’t get offended by some pretty nasty language, Deadwood is worth spending time on.

Ah yes, I’ve watched and enjoyed that one too. At least the first couple of seasons.

Mad Men has only had 2 seasons, and season 2 isn’t available on DVD yet (although AMC has just begun rerunning it), but I highly recommend it.

If you liked Seinfeld, I expect you’d enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Try out La Femme Nikita. No one ever talks about that show but I really enjoyed it.

It’s sometimes compared to Alias and 24. Sorta.

The new season starts here in the States next month. No idea when you guys will be able to see it.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will now check out Burn Notice, Arrested Development and Six Feet Under

Hmm, ok I will try.

I think I like shows that go against cliches (The Wire, Firefly), shows that draw you into thinking along with the characters about how to manage the situations (Dexter, Death Note) and shows that have witty dialougue (The rest)

I dislike shows that move slowly, and where you are supposed to care about the characters. (Heroes, Lost.)

Another recomendation for Mad Men. Season 1 and 2 are on itunes.