It's late October. What new shows are you still watching?

The TV season has gone on long enough for most new shows to have been given a fair shake. So what are you still watching as we approach November sweeps?

My list

Supernatural: it’s not great, but it has its moments. The creator claims that every episode is based on a “real” legend, so it’s interesting that way. I wonder if they’ll get to The Black-Eyed Kids this season since I can’t think of a show that’s tackled that story yet.

Invasion: I really like this one. I had a feeling I’d like it best of the three similar themed shows - Surface, Threshold & Invasion - and I was right. I have trouble remembering the main character’s name, since I still think of him by his Third Watch character’s name. In Invasion he’s Russ. Right?

Related: I don’t have sisters, so I don’t have first hand knowledge of if this is even remotely plausable, but it entertains me. The fact that it airs twice a week is handy.

Out Of Practice: I very rarely like sitcoms, but this one is very funny. But since I like it, it will neccessarily begin to suck after 3-4 seasons, tops, or be killed in its infancy. But I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

It’s probably my favorite of the new shows.

We decided to try all of the new sci-fi shows and we haven’t abandoned one yet. Of the three one-named shows, I like Threshold the best. My husband likes the cast of Threshold (it has my TV girlfriend!) but I think he enjoys Surface the most.

Night Stalker is improving steadily. Last week’s episode was quite good, I thought.

We both giggle like fools when we watch “My Name is Earl.”

We gave up on Reunion after 1 episode. He watched 2 or 3 episodes of Prison Break, missed a week, and gave up.

We didn’t expect all of these shows to do so well. Right now, only Threshold and Night Stalker haven’t been picked up for the season. I guess I expect Threshold to be picked up and I expect Night Stalker to be canceled.

Ho Lee Crap. That link made my hair stand on end. Are the people there serious - not spoofing?

I haven’t watched one of the spooky shows I planned to- Invasion, Surface, Threshold, Supernatural (I’m boycotting The Ghost Whisperer over it bumping Joan of Arcadia) BUT I haven’t missed an episode of My Name is Earl. I was happy to have finally caught Everybody Hates Chris the other night too.

Whenever I can remember to watch My Name is Earl, I do. I love that show! I’m starting to get intrigued by Supernatural. I haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds interesting. Problem is, I’ve been burned so many times before by nifty looking sci-fi that dies quickly, leaving me in pain and unfulfilled (there’s always room for drama that is melo! :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’ve been wanting to watch Kolchak. I keep forgetting that it’s on. I’m aware that like Battlestar Galactica, I have to go in with an open mind and pretty much forget about the original.

Hooray for Earl for getting picked up for a whole season!

Supernatural is goofy and cheesy and doesn’t take itself particularly seriously. If that sounds good, you’ll like it.

Oh and the older brother? Teh hotness. Even with the overbite. Can’t explain it. Must be the snarkiness.

Here’s my taping list…Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Kitchen Confidential, Gilmore Girls, The Office, Apprentice Martha Stewart, Everwood, Apprentice, Alias, ER. I rarely get to watch any of these when they appear, so I have to squeze watching them in at odd times. There is no time for a new show. Nine hours a week is too much as it is!

Kitchen Confidential (when it’s on). Like the Brad.

Bones. So I can snark on it over at TWOP. (Afghanis are Arabs now? Cool.)

Starting to like Earl, too.

Other than that, pretty much nada.

Still watching Rome.

I gave up on Prison Break and I can’t put my finger on why.

My Name Is Earl, Kitchen Confidential, Bones. I think that’s it for the new ones. I have a feeling I’m forgetting something though.

Grey’s Anatomy and The Office.

I’m still watching My Name Is Earle but it’s not all I was hoping it would be.

Things I actually like:

How I met your mother
My name is earl
The Night Stalker

Things I still watch:
Out of Practice
The Office

Alright, I’ll admit it…I’m the one still watching Prison Break…AND Surface. Surface isn’t terrible (it sure ain’t no piece of bloated crap that Threshold is) but still not great. And Prison Break? Argh, I don’t know why I watch it. It got me hooked on finding out what happens, even though it’s not a good show. I mean, geez, how many times can the one thing “that is crucial to our escape” go wrong, only to be fixed by the end of the episode?

We NEEd to get into ther wall, but the guy stole my bolt…oh, look, I got it back in the race riot, which also convienently made the black guys like me again so I get my insulin blkcers to keep gonig to the infirmary.

I NEED to not get transfered, oh but I am, but alas, Mr. Warden rescues me.

We NEED to use the storeage shed, but the guards use it as a break room,. and ‘not BD Cooper’ won’t burn it down…butr OH gthe cheif guard was a dick and killed his cat so he decides to torch it.


Yet I still watch it!

Invasion and Earl

I work evenings, so I have to be motivated to start watching something.

I’m still watching My Name Is Earl, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy. The last two still count as ‘new’ IMO, since they had such limited runs last year.
I love Earl.
“It’s karma, not Lassie!”

I just gave up on Invasion. Just couldn’t get into it.

I like Law & Order:CI, and I like the new duo of Chris Noth and Annabella Sciorra. That’s given it some new life. Yeah, I know it’s one where you either love it or hate it because of Vincent D’onofrio, but I like it, so leave me alone.

I’m waiting very impatiently for Scrubs to come back. And Monk.

Of the new shows I"m watching, My Name is Earl is the only one that’s actually good. How I Met Your Mother is merely OK, as is Kitchen Confidential.

I’m still watching Prison Break, too. I don’t think about whether it’s plausible or what have you, I just find it pretty entertaining. Except for that Veronica chick – I hate her. Hate her voice, hate her character, hate her overbite, just hate her. I hope the lawyer guy kills her. (Ok, maybe not really, but I’m close to wishing that!)

Of the shows that are new this season, I’m also watching How I Met Your Mother, Kitchen Confidential, Freddie, and Reunion.

Another one who watches Prison Break.

And as far as other new shows I am still watching:

Ghost Whisperer (although every story is pretty much the same and Medium is better)
Gave up on:

Commander In Chief (last week did me in)
How I Met Your Mother
Verdict still out on:

Out Of Practice
Hot Properties

To be honest, it has been a pretty crappy year for new shows. Nothing has grabbed me like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal.

I watched both Threshold and Invasion, and stopped after two eps. Threshold became particularly annoying with its trend toward Star Trek technobabble.

How I Met your Mother is run of the mill-- I like the ‘suit up!’ character portrayed by the former Doogie Howser M.D., but I’m not going out of my way to watch the show.

Reunion? Refused to see again.

War at Home might have been tolerable had they wiped out the laugh track.

Bones were scattered after they decided to have beetles eat a guy’s flesh rather than do a DNA test just so they could later test the beetles to find out they’d eaten dioxin, which the dead guy was exposed to. It was very obvious the writer had put themselves into a hole…
Still on the list: My Name is Earl and Everybody Hates Chris. Both are laughtastic!

Another Prison Break fan here. Hey, if Michael keeps checking that tattoo map, I’ll keep on watching.
** Kitchen Confidential** has sooo much potential, I hope it sticks around.
Nip/Tuck is as ridiculous as ever, and has pretty much replaced The O.C. for me.
Haven’t gotten into any of the sci-fi shows, but I may give Invasion and Supernatural a try, based on Doper raves (though I saw both once and found them a bit boring.
And, naturally, **Arrested Development remains the best show on television. **