Inventions du jour, part 97

Too lazy to resurrect my old thread(s) from last year, I thought I would start up another one of ideas that we know would make it in the real world. There are so many new folks here, I just know that they have great ideas lurking about in their skulls.

  1. Caffeinated toothpaste. To help wake you up faster in the morning.

  2. For Kids - Toothpaste with some kind of sedative in it that is absorbed via the gums. Naturally used at night and before long car trips.

  3. (For kids) A kid sized, kid level railing on the stair case. Not way up high where a toddler has to over extend his reach, but something attached to the existing railing that they can use to stablize themselves. ( This one would be a big big seller.Trust me on this)

4.Some kind of deoderant that also works at a hair remover.

  1. ( another kids thing) Develop some kind of in house slide that can go down the stairs and bank the kids at the wall to shoot them into the living room. Think of the fun. Think of them running up and down the stairs 900 times a day. Think of them passing out in exhaustion.

  2. A computer that you can hook up another monitor/keyboard too and share the modem so that when your toddler is playing Winnie the Pooh CD, Mommy can actually do soemthing like enter stuff into Quicken or post on SDMB.
Here it is. The last one entered was pure genius.