Inventor of Hawaiian Pizza Dead at 83

Sam Panopoulos, who was actually a Greek immigrant in Canada.

RIP, Sam. We hardly knew ye. :frowning:

I like Hawaiian pizza myself. It is offered here in Hawaii but not the big deal you might imagine it would be. Here’s a poll included to see how Dopers rate Hawaiian pizza.

I voted “no,” but only because limited poll options. I don’t dislike it, but it’s not in my top 10 pizza choices. However, I’d eat and enjoy it if was offered to me.

Yes. It’s not my go-to topping, but I like the sweet-and-savoury of it.

I just wanted a simple Yes or No for the poll options and so did not include gray areas. No willywallying for this.

If “like” means “don’t actively dislike”, then I like Hawaiian pizza.

OTOH, if there’s any other choice, the Hawaiian pizza is going to stay a circle.

I admit to liking it enough to seek it out actively. The wife is not a big fan, but then she does not like pineapple very much in general.

Following the crowd. Hawaiian is something I’d never actively order from a list of pizzas or buy from a supermarket, but if offered to me I’ll happily eat it. I answered “no” due to lack of options.

Yes. It’s not my usual topping, but it is one of my wif’s favorites. Back when Domino’s was especially bad in the 90s, it was the only pizza from them I actually enjoyed. The sweet and savory gave that lifeless pizza dough and sauce some flavor. (I think they’re much better now, though, and they have been promoted from their spot as worst fast food chain ever.)


Okay, I’m curious as to who has the top spot on the list of pulykamell’s Worst Fast Food Chains.

Is it Chuck E. Cheese? Der Wienerschnitzel? Cici’s? Hot Dog On A Stick?

There’s so many possibilities!

I LOVE the stuff! Love it love it LURVE it! The combination of tastes is a delight!

Any man’s death diminishes us…but he left us a great gift indeed!

not a fan. It’s only certain sweet & savory combinations I like. pineapple on pizza isn’t a “gross out” thing or anything for me, I just don’t care for it.

It’s always sad when a Satanic Pact comes due :frowning:

Pineapple on pizza was, is and shall ever be an abomination!

I agree. I love pineapple in general, just not piled on bread covered in tomato sauce. That is just simply a bad recipe that should not have ever happened. The individual parts aren’t guilty but the whole is. I would hate to see Sam Panopoulos’s less successful recipes. Now that he is gone, maybe we can stop trying to be polite and drop the charade.

In my family, i and my nephew are the only ones that are fans. Yum.

So far a majority of Dopers like Hawaiian pizza, while the rest have bad taste.

Ya know, I was at Chuck E. Cheese a couple weeks ago to pick up a free personal pizza for the kids and it was actually not all that bad.

My least favorite fast food chain, now that Domino’s is off the list, is one that many people find dear: Taco Bell. Now, I try once every year or two to see if my tastes have changed, but, no. That is, I did finally find one thing I liked from them, but it doesn’t seem to be on the menu anymore: that ghost pepper wrap thing from a year or two ago. I mean, I’m the guy who loved the BK whopper burrito, so it’s not like I have high standards. (Though, oddly enough, as fast food burger chains go, BK is my least favorite.)

Right on; thanks for checking back in!


No. I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, but I don’t mind speaking ill of their abominable creations.

I actually prefer pepperoni and pineapple myself.

That is, indeed, a nice combo. Heck, add some jalapeño to that and we’re hitting all the flavor sensations!