Inventor of Pop Rocks Dies—Can of Coke Taken Into Custody

William A. Mitchell, food scientist and the inventor of the popular exploding candy Pop Rocks, who also discovered a substitute for tapioca during his 35 year career as a chemist for General Food Corporation, and held over 70 patents, including inventions related to Cool Whip, Jello-O, and Tang, died of congestive heart failure on July 26 in Stockton, California. He was 92 years old.

Tonight, in honor of his passing, I will drink some Tang with my dinner, and then have Cool-Whip on my Jello. I’ll follow that up with a few Pop Rocks and some tapioca pudding, after which I’ll probably puke.

What greater honor could befall a man?


Astronauts everywhere will be mouring for days.
But seriously, all those things make for pretty good snacks, either combined or alone.

At long last, Mikey has his revenge.

But wait … wasn’t dirt already a pretty good substitute for tapioca?

I hadn’t realized that the demand for tapioca was so great, that a substitute was needed.

Let’s see, I suppose the tapioca mines closed after the stock market crash in the 90s.

(Sounds like he was a very imaginative man…but I might have hesitated if invited to his house for dinner.)

Adult playtime will never be the same.

MissTake, I’m thinking I need to hear more about your ‘adult playtimes…’

…email and messenger addy’s are in the profile… :wink:

You’ve never heard of the use of PopRocks in play?

Place small pieces of PopRocks in mouth. Place preferrably not small piece of partners anatomy in mouth. :eek: Let the fun ensue.

'Nuff said.

How do you think Mr Mitchell died? There is only so much a 92-year-old can take.