What happens when you mix coke and pop rocks, REALLY?

I have been looking into this for quite some time. Trouble is, I can’t find any pop rocks.

What happens when you mix the two? I heard your head explodes. I also heard that’s what killed “Mikey” from Life cereal. Does anyone have any kind of experience with this? I thought it would make for an interesting discussion. I’d love to hear your stories.
Flup from bottom to top.

And we never heard from flup again. MAN, DIDN’T WE TRY TO WARN YOU?! DON’T DO IT!!!

Here’s the story from Snopes…all a load of bull.



Nothing happens. I tried it when I was a kid. I think the pop rocks were grape flavored and I drank a Coke with it. It didn’t taste good. It was kinda foamy and tingly but that’s it.

T’ain’t so.

Yeah, I did it once too. It was at the 1996 torch run and we were sitting outside a drugstore when one of the many Coke vans came by handing out the beverage. My friend had the idea to do it. We poured them in, but nothing big really happened. They were green and they gave the Coke a greenish tint, and when I drank it one unpopped rock fell on my tongue and popped, wasn’t anything big. Major disappointment.

I mixed pop rocks with coke once and let me tell you, the popping up my nose was not pleasant.

Seriously, I mixed pop rocks with coke once and that kid who played Mikey in the Life ceral commercials died. I have yet to kill again.

I feel I must warn you, not too long ago I ingested Coke and pop rocks. And you know what happened? I died.

[Monty Python]Well, I got better![/Monty Python]

I read the title to this thread and all of a sudden my whole mouth started buzzing like I had poprocks! Very cool physical memory, thanks!

hmmm that’s very disappointing.

What if you used beer instead?

It’s even worse. Beer and coke is just nasty.

I would think you’d utter one HELL of a belch.

I have never had pop rocks. :frowning:

Nope. No belch. You got a whole lot of nothing out of those things.

Pop Rocks just fizzed in your mouth a little bit. When I eventually heard the “Mikey’s head blew off from eatin’ pop rocks and drinkin’ Coke[sup]TM[/sup]” story I was already in high school.

Pop rocks may have been the crappiest candy ever invented. You got no flavor, no chew, no nothin’.

Nobody’s stomach is gonna blow, and Pop Rocks aren’t made any more, so forget about it.

And, for our next thread, “I’ve always heard if you take an aspirin with a coke, you get drunk! I that true?”

But you got fizz!! Come on, man, you remember the 70s, don’t you? We had to make our own fun back in those days.

What I really miss is those little tablets you put in water to make pseudo-soda. Most of the flavors were godawful, but the root beer ones were heavenly, and I can still remember what it was like to put the tablet right on my tongue and let it fizz there.

Y’know, now that I think about it, Pop Rocks did kinda suck.

my dad was the warden at the state prison. When i young me and the guards used to play this little joke, we would wake up one of the death row inmates in the middle of the night and tell them it was time and take them to the gas chamber but instead of sodium cyanide pellet we would put pop rocks in and instead of acid we would use coke, you should see the look on their face when we did that !

Pop Rocks are still made (or at least they were up until a year ago), but I noticed that they weren’t a “fizzy” as I remember. However, I have discovered an interesting use for them! Put some on your tongue, and while they’re popping perform oral sex on your girlfriend. I’ve been told that the effect is “mind blowing.” :cool:

These days, they only seem to be making Pop Rocks in weird, marginal flavors like Black Cherry and Watermelon. Yuck. Orange is the best flavor of any candy – where are my Orange Pop Rocks?

Uh…For real?

I read about some death row guards who liked to play Neil Young’s “Needle And The Damage Done” for those convicts they were going to lethally inject.