AHA! Maybe Mikey DID die this way!



Oh, for Pete’s sake. I used to swallow the whole packet all the time. I had the best burps, too. :smiley:

Yet another frivolous lawsuit. When are people gonna get tired of this stuff?

Don’t include ME in with that, dude! I just report the news, I don’t make it!

FTR: I once (accidentally) swallowed the entire gaseous contents of a medium-sized party ballon… it hurt like a bastid! And I burped for several hours!:smiley:

The girl’s name is Fifi? I think a bloated stomach is the least of her problems.

OK, let’s talk about suing McDonald’s!!

I wasn’t referring to you. I was referring to the dopes that come up with this stuff. Maggots in McDonald’s hamburgers? No kidding, it’s McDonald’s. Color me surprised. :wink:

But this “sue, sue, sue” crap is getting a little out of hand, wouldn’t you say?

I totally argee with everyone on the state of affairs regarding frivolous lawsuits. But maybe she was harmed By the ice cream. I ate some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that had Pop Rocks in them and they have a coating on them that keeps candy from popping in the ice cream. IF the young child had an underveloped ‘burp reflex’, MAYBE she could have injested a large amount of the unpopped candy. I dunno, maybe there is nothing to it. I just wanted to point out that the ice cream version of the candy is somewhat different that the Pop Rocks we are familiar with.


Yup… I agree 100%! But this thread was supposed to be a light-hearted laugh at the Mikey/pop-rocks UL…

Back to the jokes…:smiley:

I’m with Ender. I think she should sue her parents for giving her such a damned stupid name!

And did that lawyer actually SAY that the boy was “freaking out?” Is that a genuine legal term?

Come on. Everybody knows that the Mikey/pop rocks thing is a UL. Mikey was killed by gang members during an initiation after he flashed his high beams at a car driving without headlights.

I wonder how much a bag of McVomit would go for on EBay…

Fifi and her family lost my respect when their lawyer said “Money, as far as they’re concerned, is beside the point.” LIARS!

I though Mikey grew up and became a porn star and then turned into Marilyn Manson and then was killed in Vietnam… :wink:
Fifi? FIFI? I think Fifi should sue her parents for naming her after a French Poodle.

No, no, no, silly! Mikey wasn’t killed in Vietnam…that was Beaver Cleaver. Mikey was an expert marksman, and was a sniper in Vietnam. Sheesh! :wink:

Oh, and I have to agree about that name. Who names their kid “Fifi”???

they named the kid Fifi because…


yes! she is just a young lobotomy patient hired by these people as the ‘victim’ so they can sue for lots of Munny[sup]tm[/sup]. see? all she is is a human prop to a frivolous and false lawsuit that is going to take a yummy ice cream off the market and net these people forty gajillion zillion dollars. when the furor dies down, they will dispose of their young charge, probably in a dumpster!
evil people!
but with a good idea…
bad forebrain!
they are Evil!

This is all very amusing, Astroboy, but I fail to see what it has to do with aha. You should be more careful with your subject titles, or he might end up suing you.

Not to worry, WSBB! I am thoroughly sue-proof! (IE: I’m friggin’ broke!)

I would if the link worked. After what Jester said, I’m actually quite curious to know!

Sorry, Rilchiam! The link no longer works for me, either… but it used to! I swear it! On my sacred honor as a Doper in (more or less) good standing!

From what I recall of the linked article (which the NY Post must have canned): a boy somewhere or other bought a burger or something from a McDonald’s somewhere[sup]can you tell I didn’t read it carefully?[/sup]… upon biting into said burger (or whatever) he discovered that it was full of maggots… he immediately vomited. The parents saved the rest of the burger (or whatever) AND the vomit! and are now suing…

Sorry for the vagueness of my info.: that’s what I recall off-hand…:slight_smile: