What happens when you mix coke and pop rocks, REALLY?

You can pretty much buy pop rocks anywhere, you just have to look for them.

I kinda liked drinking josta and pop rocks :slight_smile: It made it extra fizzy :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, the oral sex and pop rocks thing :smiley:

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Here, too.

Dude, if it’s true, that isn’t cool at all. Having seen the Green Mile a few times*, I’m reminded of the character Percy, who basically just taunted all the death row inmates and got them riled up. Isn’t this the same thing?

*Obviously a movie and reality aren’t always completely synced up, but the movie raised a good point that when someone is contemplating their own death, it isn’t nice to tease them about it.

Anyone remember the other fizzy candy from the 70’s? They were an oval-shaped hard candy with a fizzy center, and much better than pop rocks.

FWIW, Shoe Carnival, also sells PopRocks, and no i did not buy any> I hate Pop Rocks!

I remember. They were pretty cool.

There was a tv movie or something a number of years back with a 70’s time travel theme. In it some dude takes some pop rocks and tries to drink a Coke and a dude next to him yells out “Stop…you want to kill yourself?!”

and I about died.

(i can’t remember a damn thing anymore)

That would be ZOTZ!! They were awesome.

I remember those. I liked those way more than Pop Rocks. The best part of the hard candy was when you had sucked on it long enough for just the tiny hole in the top. The fizz would fountain out of the candy.