Invest in a UFO!

eBay scam auction



Some eBay boob:

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It’s just another zero-point energy device. Like we don’t have a million of those already. :rolleyes:

hehe I particularly like:

“When the prototype is built, I share with the secret and all the plans. So, we will be 2 on the world to know exactly how this machine flies. Next, we can start to market this invention; with a working prototype and a 30 seconds video they would kill to have it.”

  • One why not share the plans before the prototype is built.
  • Two, yeah people really would “kill” to have it, I seem to remeber a disappearance of a certain man who created the “water-car”.

A few thoughts:
[ul][li]Dude’s getting picked on by a 12-year-old! :D[/li][li]When I was 12 I could punctuate.[/li]He’s building a transmogrifier![/ul]

The guy will end up producing a Segway with fins.

A racing stripe would make it look sharp.

I like

Also, I have it on good authority that when the potential difference across the skin is doubled, its voltage also doubles!
And from the Q and A:

That just cracked me up.

Just make sure that you get no limit on dimension as well. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have gotten screwed out of their investments when the guy just ups and changes dimensions. Lawyers are the only winner in that scenario.