Investing in India - thread has been locked. Why? Objection....

Okay, so here’s my original thread, which has been closed by C K Dexter Haven.

It has been locked based on the allegation that I have asked for ‘non-factual’ investment information. I am assuming that this is the right place to lodge an objection.

If I ask the question: Why is the cost of debt capital in India so high? The ‘factual’ answer (hardly misleading) would be:

  1. Because of a perceived level of increased risk compared to developed nations
  2. Because of high interest rates

How can this be ‘non-factual’? Obviously, with any question that asks about macro-economic issues and their influence on small companies is going to be subject to a certain amount of educated opinion, but it hardly constitutes advice. Quite the contrary, I am just trying to gather information in order to form my own opinion.

I am not asking anyone to evaluate this investment opportunity and give me their opinion. I am just asking for the reasons / influences that control an economic climate in a particular area. For what it’s worth, I am going to invest in the company anyway, so it doesn’t make any difference what the replying posts say. I just want to understand the local market more.

If this is not the right place to object, then please tell me how to do it correctly.

The right place for this is the Pit, and this thread will probably be moved there the moment a moderator spots it, so don’t worry about opening a new one.

Now, for the complaint in question. I think Dex misread your post. He says that requests for investment information aren’t permitted, but I can’t really see such requests in your post. You simply ask

That is not a request for investment information and could very well have a factual answer.

I’m afraid Dex read a bit too quickly, that’s all. Unless there’s something there that I’m missing, and if there is someone will be along to straighten us both out.

In this thread, I was told it was ok to ask about stocks on the SDMB.

Note that Dex is not a moderator of General Questions, and he stated in closing that thread that his decision was subject to change by the GQ mods, if they see fit. I would recommend that you wait a bit to see what the final decision is, before complaining about it.

I reopened your thread.

Doesn’t anyone have patience anymore?

samclem GQ moderator.

We have several Gilbert and Sullivan aficionados among membership.

Maybe one of them would be willing to mail “Patience” out where you see it needed? :wink:

Some strange phenomenon that many people call “real life” has severely limited my SDMB time. I therefore tend to read quickly and to react to REPORT BAD POST messages. Most actions are correctable, and emailing me is the quickest way to get my attention. Also, the REPORT BAD POST button (the little exclamation point [ ! ] in the upper right corner of each post) is a very helpful way of attracting my attention.

My apologies if this has inconvenienced anyone.