Invincible ( Amazon TV series) [Spoilers]

Invincible, a new TV series from Amazon, is pretty good.

Lots of blood and gore, interesting take on Superheroes.

Great voice acting, solid writing so far.

I watched the first episode, it was good enough to watch another.

I watched the first three episodes, and can’t wait for the next one. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say that by the end of episode one I was enjoying the direction they were going.

I loved the comic (not every storyline was great but overall it was a good series) and I am really enjoying this series so far. I am two episodes in and it is the perfect balance of being alike and different from the original story.

Not knowing anything about the source material, I was about 1/2 through the first episode thinking that it was your typical sanitized family-friendly superhero animation that you’d find on Cartoon Network.

Boy, did that ever take a turn.

Yeah, no sex but lots of gore.

As a fan of the comics, I’m enjoying the adaptation. Much like The Boys, the changes are for the better. I think that adapting The Walking Dead has made Kirkman a better writer. Unfortunately, it’s hard to discuss at this point without massive spoilers. Do we want to keep the thread spoiler free?

Naw, spoil away- for all but the most recent epi. Does that work? So no spoilers from the comics, but go ahead and discuss how the comics differ from the episodes thus far.

I’m enjoying it very much. I REALLY like the A-line plotline, with Invincible learning about his powers, and how becoming a hero isn’t as easy as it seems. Being a normal teenager, plus having to learn the superheroing, is a great story to follow and they are doing it very well.

The B-line involving his dad, I’m not so much into. The politics behind the hero-ing is interesting, but not the gore so much.

I am curious why Omni-Man killed The Guardians of the Globe.

We do need to see some gore, otherwise we wouldnt be convinced they are really dead.

Its a comic book, so I’m going with alien mind control.

I have my own whackadoo theory, though:

Invincible came into his powers the same day that his dad did the slauterin’. In the backstory, they made it a point that on the 18th birthday, the (planet I can’t remember) sends off their kids to help the universe. I’m thinking that its not so ideological as that - when the kid turns 18, it makes the parents go nuts, and want to kill them. Omni-man was affected by that, but killed the Guardians instead of killing his own son.

But its gonna be alien mind control :slight_smile:

You’ll find out Omniman’s motives soon enough. The biggest change is how the Guardians were fleshed out. Just a little more characterization, a few “save the kitten” moments, and their deaths are a gut punch instead of just a surprise. In addition, their deaths in the comics were ambushes that were over instantly- emphasizing just how much stronger Omniman is.
Also, White House guard #2 and his stepson- not in the comics, but I think I know where they fit in. I can’t say more, but I have some thoughts.
The whole series is about forgiveness, and it’s limits- and asking how anyone can know what is right, and what the greater good can and cannot justify.

It looks like a lot of the supporting players have been licensed elsewhere. Brit and Techjacket aren’t included, and Science Dog has been changed to Seance Dog. I doubt we’ll get to explore the backstories of Eve and Rex, but they’re pretty good- Rex is a jerk for a reason. I hope we’ll get to see some background on Cecil and Dwight, they’re both great characters.

You’ve seen through Episode 2, right? That’s where I’m at. Omni says in the alien world “Earth isn’t for you to conquer…” My guess is the second half of that sentence is “It’s mine”. Now that Omni knows he can produce powerful offspring on Earth, it’s a world worth obtaining.

Maybe, sounds possible. yes, i have seen all three epis Amazon has made available.

I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Was quite irritated when I realized I couldn’t binge it.

PLEASE keep any knowledge from the source material out of this thread. I’m sure many (most?) viewers don’t want to have any twists or surprises ruined.

For instance, I thought it was fairly possible that (some of?) the Guardians are in fact still alive, as we did see medical technology that seemed promising as far as reviving them was concerned. I was thinking maybe the old scarface guy was just being paranoid by keeping their survival secret from everyone. As long as the whole world thinks they are dead, so will whoever tried to kill them. If you know from the source material that that is definitely not the case, please keep that to yourself.

That is a good idea, except very very general stuff like "I liked the comics better’.

Note that there is a lot of stuff on the Wikipedia page.

That’s what I’ve been thinking. Maybe it’s even that the Viltrumites can no longer produce viable (or perhaps, powerful) offspring amongst themselves, so they have to seek out other planets, and if things work out there, the planet is conquered.

Also, I think that the story Omni-Man tells about Viltrum isn’t exactly the whole truth. (Spoilers for episode 4:)

To me, it seemed like the Martian emperor didn’t directly take kindly to Invincible revealing he’s part Viltrumite, although it was played rather ambiguously.

Also, I have no idea where the plot line with Robot and the Mauler Twin(s) is heading. Is he (?) obtaining powered individual’s DNA to integrate into whatever is gestating in the pod? But that wasn’t the new Mauler Twin, was it?

It looks to me like he’s wanting to learn from them, as they’re experts on cloning. The sample he took was from Rex.

I thought this episode was a bit of a letdown. First of all, the cold open with the mummy. Are we assuming that the concrete slab falling on him killed him? If so, what was the point of the scene? If not, do we have yet another bad guy roaming around that we have to worry about?

And the entire Mars thing was a bust for me. What precisely happened? Could we trust anything the Martian king said? How does it make any sense? Was that a shapeshifter who infiltrated their crew? But not one of the face huggy things? And no matter how you might want to have something done “by humans”, wouldn’t the astronauts want a superhero to come along in case of an emergency? But maybe one who was experienced in going to other planets, not a teenager who’d been a superhero for like two weeks?

Overall, just confusing and sloppy and disappointing, imho.

It looked like it sealed him into the tomb, rather than crushing him. This was pretty common in the comics, IIRC - he’d setup a villain origin in a vignette, then bring the villain in to fight Invincible two or three issues later. There, it worked to make the universe he was creating from scratch feel a bit deeper, in the way that Marvel or DC can do it just by referencing their incredibly deep back catalog.

Yes, one of the astronauts has been replaced by a Martian - remember, the Martian are shapeshifters. That’s what makes them immune to the brain squids. For some reason, not yet revealed, one of the original human astronauts was replaced by a Martian. We then see the actual human, now controlled by brain squids, using the power granted by having a host to control the rest of the brain squids on Mars to overwhelm the Martian King and his retinue.

We don’t know who the Martian on the ship returning to Earth is, or what he’s planning, but it appears that by replacing the human astronaut, he’s royally fucked over the rest of the Martians, so he’s probably not doing this at the behest of the Martian King, who appears to have been basically honest about the whole situation.

I can definitely see how having a guy in spandex underwear just hanging around in the background would undercut the achievement of building a ship capable of carrying humans to Mars. Makes it feel more like a field trip for kiddies, then bold explorers challenging the frontier.

At any rate, the whole, “Protect the astronauts” thing was just a ruse to get Omniman off planet so they can investigate him for the murders. Sending Invincible was mostly just a face saving measure when Omniman wouldn’t got, plus an opportunity to field test Mark.