Invincible ( Amazon TV series) [Spoilers]

Then why go through the whole save-the-Earth-start-a-family routine?

Maybe because they want to see if Earth’s inhabitants can be used to make more Viltrumites? I assumed that’s why Mark getting his powers kicks Omni-Man’s plan into full gear.

Amazon renews Invincible for two more seasons.

From what I fuzzily understand from the comics, the idea was to have a half-Viltrumite with whatever advantages the locals had, as well as to make the conqueror blend in better.And “saving” the planet can be done more easily if they see you as their protector anyway-say on a planet with no other supers.


I think I got a made up a reason for why he got upset when Mark powered up. He loves Debbie and not just as a pet and actually has some feelings for Earth as a whole. His speechifying to Mark was just as much, heck MORE, to try to convince himself of his true loyalty to the cause and to Viltrumite supremacy than to convince Mark.

And he knew that once Mark powered up his responsibility as a Viltrumite was to act, destroy any powered individuals who might represent any threat, train up the boy, and convince Earth to willingly join as a subjugated planet of the Empire, seeing years of OmniMan as an example of the beneficence that awaits that choice, but being prepared to destroy if need be.

He would have preferred to put off doing that for as long as possible. Forever would have been nice. At least wait until Mark never powers dies an old man and he tries again with another human woman to have a powered child. Living out with Debbie into her old age anyway.

Sounds plausible.

Spoiler for the final episode of the season:

They added a lot of plot this episode. Now there’s a galactic war with thousands of planets involved. I wonder how that will play out, considering until now there’s been just the Earth, a visitor from Viltrum, and a one-eyed Seth Rogan. Suddenly, Invincibleverse is a lot bigger. Given this is a short-season show, and these things are prone to being canceled capriciously and indiscriminately, I wonder if we’ll see it play out to its conclusion. I know it’s been renewed for two more seasons, but 16 episodes to bring a galactic war to an end, while including bucketloads of teenaged angst*? Well, we’ll see.

*It’s actually much better than the average CW show in that respect.

There’s also the the invaders from the fast time dimension, and implicitly the cat guy. Plus the squids on Mars. Also, the Martians.

I was surprised that they didn’t reference the guy who got trapped in that tomb in the villain montage.

Omniman taking out the Guardians might not have had anything to do with Mark at all - Omniman might just be working on a time table, and “eliminate Earth’s defenders” was next on the list, after “Spend two decades gaining their trust,” and right before, “manufacture a crisis to justify getting put in charge of the planet.”

I think he’s been conflicted about Mark getting powers, because if Mark had turned out to be an ordinary human, ideally, he would never have had to break character with him and let him know what was really going on. He could maintain the “benevolent ruler/protector of Earth” facade. When Mark turned out to be a Viltrumite, Omniman realized that he’d have to train him to be a proper Viltrumite warrior, which would necessarily include teaching him the proper superiority of his people, and the full plan they have for Earth and the other planets they conquer. And he knew the sort of person his son is, and how hard a sell that would be.

Well, this new episode was pretty kick ass.

My wild-eyed theory:
I’m thinking Omni-Man was supposed to get Earth to join the Empire any way he could/wanted to. With the show showing us that initially Omni-Man was just gonna kill Mark and then start over with a new kid and then showing us OM being all proud of little Mark playing ball before taking off to deep space, that maybe OM is going back to Viltrumite to tell them that Earth could be a breeder planet to make more Viltrumites to conquer the galaxy easier.

Or maybe that was the plan all along. Find breeder planets in order to end up conquering more planets.

I mean, close enough.

I really enjoyed this episode, and the whole first season. Despite having a lot of characters and some side plots, it all hangs together really well.

When this tread showed up it made me aware of the existence of the comic. I’ve started reading that (read the first couple of dozen issues) but have been waiting on the series. I’d like to know roughly how far into the comic run season 1 reaches, and if it diverges very deeply from the comics.

Based on my memory, most of the plot matches the comics although events may not have been in the same order. The characters are the same with slight variations for diversity. Also, I do not remember his girlfriend working for a soup kitchen and his best friend was not out at the beginning of the series

Just for reference, the latest comic I read was just after the visit to Atom Eve in Africa.

This might be the slight variation I find most interesting. For people that did not read the comic, what was your impression of where Atom Eve went to do good for people?

I thought she was responding to disasters all over the world and living some place unspecified (but didn’t they say it was not far from Mark’s hometown in the final episode?).

I thought it was a very satisfying season finale. Still loving it.

I am a big fan of the comic and the show is just wonderful. Glad it’s been renewed for two more seasons.

My impression was Africa or South America.

Just to note that the whole DC character “trenchcoat” thing is lampshaded heavily in the Books of Magic series by Neil Gaiman, which features John Constantine, Doctor Occult, Mister E and the Phantom Stranger (all trenchcoated characters), and again in a panel in the “The Wake” storyline of Gaiman’s Sandman featuring some of the same (“Nice trenchcoat.”) . In fact they made a four-issue series called The Trenchcoat Brigade about them.

Anyone else feel like Atom Eve’s power was way better than anything else on the show and severely underused? She could change things into other things on a molecular level, don’t see how that could possibly be beat.