Invisibility or Flight: The Age Old Debate

This is one of the classic debates in the history of humankind(well, mostly mankind since men are such dorks).

Which would you choose if you could take one power? Flight or Invisibility? Here are the ever important rules and conditions:


  1. You can fly up to 1,000 miles/hour.

  2. You may fly as high as you can go in the Earth’s atmosphere, but may not enter outer space.

  3. You will be comfortable while flying at such speeds and altitudes, as a bubble of protection is around you(which in a sense, is what enables flight).

  4. You do not tire while flying; it is a relatively minor mental exertion, but not a physical one. If you can stay awake and reasonably focused, you can stay in the air.

  5. You may carry anyone you want, as long as you can carry them on the ground. Obviously, I could not give a 800 lb. man a piggy back ride, so he could not fly with me. Children and other light adults on the other hand, could go for a ride.


  1. You and your clothes are invisible when you will it. You do not have to be naked, since your clothes go invisible with you. Anything you pick up while invisible, however, is seen as floating by others.

  2. Only you and your clothes go invisible! In a sense, invisibility is an aware power. It knows what are clothes and what are not. If you have someone on your back(or holding hand), they do not turn invisible(unlike in the recent show).

  3. The noise you make is muffled as well. This one of the powers of invisibility that transcends merely the visible things. If you scream, people can hear you and if you jump up and down, people would probably notice, but you can walk around normally in a room and people will not notice you.

  4. Obviously, people and objects can bump into you. You need to be careful if you are trying to be secretive.

  5. Glasses, rings, jewelry, and watches are clothes. For some reason, this comes up. Again, pretend this power is “aware” enough to turn anything you are wearing invisible.

There, that should do it. If you need more qualifications(there are always more), then ask.

I choose flight. Ever since I saw Christopher Reeves take off for the first time in the original Superman movie, that is what I’ve wanted.

The aspects of flight are just cooler to me. Everyone would want to see you fly and they’d send you off around the world to get things for them. It’d just be undeniably neat.


Invisibility. I’m always curious about the things people do, but the Heisenberg theory of human behavior kinda screws things up. And spy cams are really expensive.
Plus I can sneak into girls’ locker rooms. Yes, I am such a child.

Exactly. Therefore, invisibility, it is. Sure, people would still want you to do stuff - but I imagine most of it would be illegal or immoral, and so people would be too paranoid/embarassed to ask.

Course, the feds would probably want you licensed either way…

Just for a second, I thought this said “You can marry…”

‘Man’, I thought, ‘these people really think this stuff out!’

The problem with flying is that no one takes into account practical issues, such as the wind and the cold. Ground level on a sunny summers day could be interesting. But most definitely not at Mach 3!

The issue really is - what repsonsible use you could get from either?

Okay, this is why I prefer people read the entire post.

“Concept” number three under flying is that, " You will be comfortable while flying at such speeds and altitudes, as a bubble of protection is around you(which in a sense, is what enables flight). "

Cold and g-force are not issues. Don’t ask why, just accept that there is a bubble around you, in which there is a nice, room temperature that makes it work.

I would like to fly. I have no reason to be invisible (heck, half the time I suspect I already am), but I have several dozen reasons to fly. No need to learn how to drive or take public transportation. I could just fly to my destination. Way more useful for me. And so cool besides!

Invisibility all the way! Yes, I am a pervet :wink:

What theory is this?

Flying. Definitely.

I keep seeing the X-files episode where the Invisible Guy is almost immediately killed by a car. Or things like that.

Besides, with that kind of flying power, I don’t ever need to worry about the freaking Airlines or street traffic! Or getting lost. Simply fly straight up and have a look around.

Here to FL in under two hours. Neat. Afternoon at Epcot, anyone? Then off for dinner in Sonoma!

Flying, way more fun and cool.

Besides, with something like that going for you, you could get about anyone to take off their clothes anyway. Sort of takes some of the pressure off the, “need to peek,” guys.

Given how far flung my friends and family are, I’d definitely take flying. At flight speeds of up to 1,000 mph, getting to a DC area Dopefest would be a snap!


They did a story about this on This American Life a while back. I forget who it was who “researched” it, but his findings were great:

People who chose flight, when asked why, said they’d do it so they wouldn’t have to ride the bus to work.

People who chose invisibility (the men at least) chose it so they could watch women in the shower.

Not a single person said they’d use these powers to fight crime.

oh yeah . . . also . . . this:

Invisibility - ON! Aw, it does work.

[Mr. Furious]"… so you’re only invisible when absolutely no one is looking at you?"[/Mr. Furious]

I suppose it’s like picking out a car. Do you want the utility? If so, what kind and how much? Do you want the fun model? If so is your idea of fun offroading or cruising the strip?
Invisibility is fairly easy to keep secret and has more applications in terms of social and financial advantage, (corporate spy anyone? how about hitting the craps tables in Vegas?) while flying seems more the “fun” type of power and is more useful in areas of rough terrain away from cities where the FAA won’t try to dump regulations all over you.

Invsibility, so I could fight crime. And look at women in the shower.

Flying would be nice, and probably a lot more fun, but I think invisibility would be much more profitable, and would give you immense power. I would choose invisibility.

Invsibility, so I could fight women criminals while they shower.

That people act differently when you’re watching them have sex.

Er, watching them.