Invitation to verb

I need to verb something, or hear some really serious verbing happening. Can anybody example their best for all the Dopers? That would champ.


I was internetting when I came across your post. After I coffee myself, I may example this idea again.

I extensived a confused when readiting your post. You verb a good notion.

Well luck!

What the helling are you people talking about?

My attempt: We just dinnered.

That funned! I hope this thread achieving good.

Usually when I verb, it involves asking for something to be given/passed to me, i.e. bagel me please!

Message me later, and I’ll pencil you in.

I am so dirtbagging it right now.

“Let’s interface and we’ll dialog on it.”

“We’ll committee it around.”

Gah. Businesspeak makes me want to explosively diarrhea my discontent.

Verbing weirds language.

You suck. All of you. Just because I can’t think clearly at 2 in the AM means I couldn’t beat jormundgondir AND El Marko to the post.

Well, this just smurfs.

I can’t sit here and sultana while youse guys verb me.

Well, I’m glad to renaissance this topic, it quintessences my feelings that we unity this.

You guys’ threadding is funnying my ticklebone.

Since I don’t take the bus I carred myself to work instead. While I should be working, right now I’m SDMBing. I’ll be lunching at Wendy’s later today. After work I need to do some erranding.

Thanking you for heads-upping us on the verbing opportunity. I’m sure we’ll all be gratefulling you soonest, and actualising our best exampling of the respective potentials we offer. Getting back to you soonest on this one.

Last time I asked a lady if she wanted to verb, she slapped me in the face.

Dude, next time don’t ask a lady … proposition a slut!

I burning your dog.