IOS9: Make the move?

The thread title says it all. Should I install IOS9 on my iPad Air now or wait a month or so for bug fixes? Unlike the IOS8 fiasco, I’ve not heard any negative issues regarding the IOS9 upgrade such as bricking and lost hardware functionality. It could mean no one’s updating, no one’s having problems with it, or the people who are having problems are keeping them to themselves.

PS-Apologies if I missed an active or recent thread. I tried searching the archives; the term “IOS” was too common and “IOS9” brought up one thread ranting on a specific app and other ranting that his iPad is too old to run it.

I happen to apply my own rule of thumb for technology to the effect of letting a while go by until I can gauge the word-of-mouth, just for the sake of avoiding surprises. A month seems good but you may only need a couple weekd, it hasn’t been out that long.

I updated by iPad Air 2 and now I can’t access iMessages. Apparently this is a known issue without a solution.

Thanks for your responses.

Yeah, but my iPad old enough that the upgrade is mostly academic. I can’t take advantage of the really good new features, and I don’t use the thing enough to notice anything that might be wrong with the new build.

I updated by iPhone 6 and some of my apps are more screwed up than on other iOS updates I’ve done. Wait.