Iowa Caucus Discussion

Iowa person here.

I’m so, so sorry.

At my precinct, Pete did well with the most delegates, Klobucher didn’t get any. We did have five people there for Steyer and all but one moved after not viable. Yang didn’t make it and they moved around. Warren didn’t make it first round but did second.

That’s all I got; it’s all I know. I’m disappointed in what happened as well.

If the sole point of the app was to take a bunch of numbers from a few dozen point As and send them to a centralised point B then…well, shit. I’m not exaggerating when I say I could’ve built something that would’ve done the job just fine over a couple of weekends. I’m not an expert coder by any means, but if this shitty app’s job was as simple as it seems then you don’t need experts. Either there’s more to it, or these people are incompetent on a level that beggars belief more than any vote rigging conspiracy theory.

Indeed. And I think that the common wisdom says that a part of that is because he is gay, but I haven’t seen polls or anything else to support this, not that I’ve looked all that much. I do see this:

The article goes on to suggest that it’s more to do with his positions, and the large support black Americans have for Biden. So I would think that if Biden doesn’t survive Iowa and the next upcoming primaries, Biden’s supporters have to go somewhere and maybe if Pete is the last person standing, they would see their way to voting for him. That is just conjecture at this point though.

Agree the app should have been simple but geez emails or even a chat could have been used to calculate results too. But that may have problems with making it official, not sure.

They didn’t have the usual staff or phone lines ready to receive 1700 results calls within an hour or so, so that’s the main reason for the delay here.

Pete’s “problem” with black voters seems to be that they’re irrationally attached to Joe Biden. Like, they don’t seem to care much for anyone else. Warren’s struggling to get them on board. Klobuchar has almost no black support at all. Bernie is doing well with black voters under 35 but older black voters have no time for him at all.

X has a big problem with black voters is true for every candidate except Joe Biden, so it’s not really much of an argument against any specific challenger. And when Biden inevitably drops out that problem will solve itself.

  • Dems paid company literally called Shadow to create caucus app
  • Buttigieg campaign also paid Shadow, FEC records show
  • Caucus app fails
  • Buttigieg declares himself Iowa winner with no results

For those interested I made a Pit Post just now that is relevant to this thread.

Fuck Caucuses


“A few dozen”? Try 1600 different sites - and each one has to provide three numbers for each candidate that got any votes.

I’ll give you an example based on a photo of a calculation sheet at CNN - Pottawattamie County precinct CB09, with 13 county delegates.
The final vote totals were, Klobuchar 31, Biden 24, Buttigieg 21, Sanders 18, Warren 17. Each one is divided by 112 (the number of voters in the first round - apparently, one left, as the final numbers add up to 111), then multiplied by 13 (the number of county delegates that precinct elects) and rounded to get each candidate’s county delegate count; Klobuchar got 4, Biden got 3, and the other thre got 2 each.
The precinct captain has to send three sets of numbers:
(a) The “first round” votes - Biden 21, Buttigieg 19, Klobuchar 29, Sanders 17, Warren 17, Yang 8, Uncommitted 1 (this is where “112” comes from);
(b) The “final round” votes, listed above
© The State Delegate Equivalents - Pottawattamie County has 48 state delegates and a total of 400 county delegates, so multiply the county delegates by 48/400, which is 0.12, to get the State Delegate Equivalents: 0.48 for Klobuchar, 0.36 for Biden, and 0.24 each for Buttigieg, Sanders, and Warren.
I would not be surprised if, in the app, they only had to enter the first two vote counts and the final number of delegates, and the app could calcualte the SDEs automatically based on the county, but without the app, either the precinct captain or the person taking down the numbers had to calculate them manually.

Remember, that’s just one precinct; do this about 1600 more times.

Pretty hard, apparently. NPR is reporting that phones were the backup plan, but were overwhelmed, leading to on-hold times of 1+ hours and many precinct officers finally giving up and deciding to try again today.

Last night, I checked my phone and the NYTimes polls said Pete was ahead of Bernie by a few votes. That surprised me, but it is too early to tell anything right now.

As the Washington Post noted this morning, if those numbers are real, then the Iowa debacle did Biden a small favor by shielding him from the brunt of the heat that he would be facing for performing so badly. But he’d face huge question marks going on forward. Buttigieg may have decisively eclipsed Biden here, although Biden still commands big support from African-Americans.

Yup. If he isn’t the nominee, I’ll stay home and play here

Probably an overseas company in China or India did the app since they were the lowest bidder.


These are definitely the people we should have designing the health care system.

Donald Trump appreciates your support.

It would probably end up with a bunch of people demanding the most exquisite MRI for their sore knee; but if the system doesn’t deliver, it’s euthanasia.

The Iowa Democratic Party is looking to hire a Member Services Coordinator. Just posted. Get those resumes in.

Also, Shadow Democratic Digital Firm, the people who made the app, are looking to hire a Client Success Representative. Posted this morning.

Think of what a pain in the ass it is getting through on a 800 number when something goes wrong. And they’re set up in call centers with a staff of people who do that 40 hours a week.