"Iowa Dopefest: The Gardener Cometh..."

And so I have decided, a small dopefest at my ( and stormchasers’s) house is in order.
November 15th, at my home in Scranton, Iowa.
Bring swim attire, we have a hot tub.
Let me know who is interested so I know how much munchies and crunchies to buy.
( sorry about the short notice, I have very few weekends off )

Small? You do realize that there’s 40,000+ dopers watching or participating in your virtual hot tub thread, all jostling for the pole position in the next game of lick-tac-toe?

I’ll be there with bells on (and some sort of swimwear or gardening overalls, I promise). Kool Whip, chocolate syrup, wine, and pruning shears will be the order of the day. Is there a particular time you were thinking of, or do we show up shortly after midnight?