IP Banning, How does it work

The ultimate threat at a couple of the forums I go to is an IP ban. How would that work for someone on dialup who in theory gets a new IP every time they log on.

Would they just ban anyone with the same first three numbers as the problem causer? Or do they just prevent that exact IP address from posting?

Is IP banning for real? If Cecil really wanted could s/he say okay, ip # XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is not allowed to post on SD?

I think you’ll find that the board admins here would prefer not to dicuss this topic, for obvious reasons.

Or discuss it, even. :rolleyes:

Well, I won’t discuss it either other to say that it’s very easy for any admin to do on any website. They can even ban entire IP ranges with wildcards, like 192.168.. or what have you.

Having said that, more than one person has been screwed with dymantic IP bans - some user on an ISP get banned from a certain forum and another user unlucky enough to get the same (banned) IP goes to the forum and can’t post because he got the IP of the banned guy. Pretty rare, but it happens.