Ipaq 36XXAM 64MB upgrade

I am an experienced electrician and can easily do anything necesary to upgrade my ipaq 3635 from 32MB RAM to 64. Does anyone know how this can be done (do-it-yourself that would come out to 10 bucks or so per computer because the SDRAM chips are supposed to be extremely cheap)?

I basically want the stand-alone chips so I don’t need to solder chip pins from a stick of memory. Where can I order 3 of these cheaply? Also, I’d like more detailed instructions and other suggestions about undertaking this task.

I am aware that a do-it-yourself kit is being offered online for $49/PC, so I’m assuming buying the standalojne chips should be much cheaper.

Thanks guys.

Here is some info I have amassed from googling so far:

64MB upgrade Required parts:

2 Samsung 256Mbit Synchronous DRAM chips K4S561632B-TC75000 (133MHz) or K4S561632B-TC1H000 (100 MHz). These can be ordered from Receptron
(Note: two 256Mbit chips is a total of 64M Bytes)

For 128MB: (then stack for 256MB):
use 512Mbit DDP (Double Density Package)?
512Mbit DDP SDRAM consists of 2 pieces of 256M SDRAM internally in standard TSOP
Exactly same package as 256M SDRAMiTSOP).
Organization : x4(32Mx4x4Bank) / x8(16Mx8x4Bank) / x16(8Mx16x4Bank)
Frequency : 133MHz / 100MHz
Available now from Elpida

For 64MB of DRAM, you need two Samsung 256Mbit Synchronous DRAM’s. Samsung has revised their part numbering scheme. Here is a new part number,
K4S561632B-TC75000 (133MHz)

K4S561632B-TC1H000 (100MHz) (avilable online at www.arrow.com)

or equivalent. 133MHz will allow you to try overclocking the CPU.

For 128MB of DRAM or equivalent, you need two 512Mbit Synchronous DRAM’s organized as , e.g., Elpida Memory

I just did the upgrade 2 nights ago using some new Micron 256Mbit SDRAM PC133. The iPAQ recognized the memory right away

1.4. SDRAM
The iPAQ H3600 contains 2 SDRAM chips configured as a 32 bit wide memory bus. The SA-1110 can support up to 256Mb SDRAM chips. The 64/128/256 Mb SDRAM pin assignment must be compatible with the iPAQ H3600.

1.4.1 SDRAM memory configurations supported
Chip Size
Bank Size
Total Size per bank
Chip per bank

16 MB
16 MB

32 MB
32 MB

16Mx16(256Mb, TBD)
64 MB
64 MB