iPhone disconnect/reconnect repeatedly...Halp!

This is getting terribly frustrating and my Google searches, while finding people with the same problem, have not provided a solution.

Essentially I plug my iPhone into my computer to update/charge itself. Lately, it decides to disconnect and then reconnect randomly. Sometimes twice in a minute, sometimes waiting 10 minutes. Whatever the case it is rather frequent and constant and hugely annoying. I can see nothing consistent in what I am doing when it happens…just does it of its own accord on its own schedule.

I tried a few things listed on the web which were mostly bullshit canned “turn it off and on, use a different USB port” stuff. Did that, no joy.

Anyone have any clue on this one?

Bad USB cable?
Insufficient power provided by the USB port?

What computer are you using?

Might be the cable but it does work and has fine for a year plus I am not moving the phone to jiggle it or anything. Just does it of its own accord.

I hand build my PCs and it is a very nice PC at that. Had no trouble in the past. USB ports are all high speed and provide power just fine (again has in the past and all my other USB items have no issue).

FTR my phone disconnected/reconnected three times while writing this. :mad:

Divide and conquer - attach the phone to another computer, and see if it acts the same way.
That way, you can narrow the problem down to the Phone or cable or computer.

When you talk of resetting the phone, did you reset the phone by powering off completely (pressing the home button on the front and the button on the top at the same time)?

If you call iPhone support, you’re going to be asked to try it with another computer, and to try it with another cord, to narrow down the problem.

Look in the USB port on the phone. Do you see a red strip in the middle of the back of it? That would be a triggered liquid sensor, which would possibly explain the problem. Unfortunately, liquid damage is not covered under your warranty and an out-of-warranty repair on an iPhone is $199.

Liquid sensor? Is that the motion sensor? Whatever it is why should that affect my charge/updates from my PC?

You’re thinking of the accelerometer which detects the position of the iPhone. He, I think, is referring to a strip which is activated if you get your phone wet. Then the red strip would show up. I had this problem for a little while too. I think it went away after I updated the software on the iPhone if I remember correctly. If you connect the iPhone and hold down the home button I think you will force it to update the software from iTunes. IIRC.

There’s one in the USB port and one at the bottom of the headphone jack. They won’t “go away” after doing anything, because they’re simple chemical-based liquid sensors.

What it means is that with liquid damage in the phone, especially in the USB port, you can end up with having problems with connecting via that very same USB port, due to corrosion and/or shorts.

Frankly, I think the sensors are far too sensitive, but they do tend to be triggered in cases where people are reporting connection issues like this.

Hmm…well, I have never gotten my phone wet ever (barring a few drops when it is raining out but I have a case around it and am very careful about this). Only way it would get triggered may be humidity in my pocket.

P55 motherboard?