iPod Help please

My son’s iPod still has a now invalid email address as it’s iCloud account. I also have “Find my iPod” (FMi) installed.

When I try to logout of iCloud to reset the account, it’s blocked by FMi.

Apple suggest temporarily changing the iCloud account back to the old email and then resetting. Problem is that I can’t do that because resetting the iCloud email requires having access to the email address - which doesn’t fucking exist anymore.

So how do I turn off FMi so that I can close out iCloud and reset the account?

FYI, my iTunes/App Store account is correct and is my current account. Am I stuck wiping the fucking thing?

Well, after more than an hour on the phone with Apple support (the person who answered the phone was terrific, by the way - I actually have no complaints with the customer service), here’s the answer in case anybody else has this happen. Go into Find My X, enter a bad password enough times that it locks your account. Then use the reset my password function (using security questions, not email so that you can do it without leaving that screen). Somehow that forces the device to recognize the updated account information in a way that nothing else does. Then you delete the iCloud account off the device and reenter everything. Note that you will have to change your iTunes/iCloud account password and then update it on any other devices that use the same account.

It should also be noted that this only works when you’ve UPDATED your account with a new email. If you created a new one that you can’t access, I don’t know what you do.