"Update Apple ID settings". Which ones?!?

Had to change my Apple ID password a while ago.

Now I’ve got a little red and white 1 on my Settings Gear on my iPhone.

I click on it, and there’s a message: “Update Apple ID Settings.”

So I click on the little arrow and get a new panel with a new message: “Some account services require you to sign in again.”

Which ones?!? What’s the point of a message like that? How do I know which ones need to be updated?

Are connected to the your account - which is also your iCloud account? Your name and connection should be the first thing you see right at the top of settings. If you open the sub-menu, it will show just below your name which Apple ID (which email) you are connected to.

imessage, facetime, icloud, and find my phone all sign-out when you change your apple password. There could be others that I don’t use routinely. Go through the settings for each of those apps or launch them and it should prompt you for the updated password.

All of those are working normally and don’t ask me for the Apple ID. I’m puzzled.

A warning- once you enable two-factor authentication you can not disable it. I tried to look up a procedure to do it without reasonable success. The only one I found said to deactivate the phone for 2 weeks and it would reset. D’OH!