Trouble setting up find my iPhone

So I broke down and bought an iPhone 4. Comes with the free “Find my iPhone” service.
Hey if it is free it is for me.
to make the FmiP work you have to set up Mobile me. No sweat, I start setting it up. I go though the set up, but I have not received the confirmation email. I have gone back and resent it (about 10 times) and still nothing.
I have verified my email is entered correctly.
Any suggestions?

There should be a number somewhere in the documentation for AppleCare. As much as I bitch about Apple products, I’ll be the first to say that they have some of the best support, both on the phone and in-person.

Also, check your spam filters to make sure it’s not getting rejected on your end.

Same thing happened to me Rick. I just got the iPhone from Verizon. MobileMe shows up as Inactive on my Mail settings page and I can’t slide the “Find My Phone” switch to the “On” position. I’ve tried re-entering my AppleID & password multiple times. Never get the confirmation email you are apparently supposed to get to move the process along.

So I can’t help, but I’m hoping maybe someone else will come along and help both of us. :slight_smile:

Same problem. Can’t get it to work at all. Tried three different email addresses, no confirmation email. Gave up.

Finally got it working. If you want to set your up, here is what I did
I went to click on Find my iPhone
click on trouble shooting
Click on express lane.
You will be connected to a chat session with someone.
Eventually I had to change my address on my Apple account and then all was good.
The find service works trick, I can even tell which room in my house the phone is in.