iPod help! Windows says it isn't working properly

It’s been a while since I used my iPod Nano (1st generation), so I decided to charge it up and see what’s on there. My husband has installed Windows 7 since the last time I plugged my iPod in. iTunes asks if I want to sync my iPod, and I click “no” (there’s some music on my iPod I want to pull off of it first). Then Windows goes wonky.

My iPod stops charging. I open the device manager, and the iPod icon has a yellow triangle. I troubleshoot it, and it says “USB Mass Storage Device is not working correctly.” Which isn’t true, it’s working just fine.

I tried doing this but it hasn’t done any good.

What else can I do?

Is it fully charged? Mine have all done flaky things when the power gets low, even just connecting with itunes.

It’s partially charged now, but I don’t think it’s continuing to charge. As soon as I tell iTunes not to sync with it, it seems to stop charging.

Never mind, I was finally able to get it to work!