ipod or smartphone?

I am trying to decide whether I should buy an ipod, download ptunes to my treo 700p, or get another mp3 player. I am a MAC user at home, and use itunes at home to hold my music and podcasts. I want to keep using it with my portable music. It is my impression that itunes only works with ipods and flash players. Is that really the case? I would like to use my smartphone as my music player, but I think I will be stuck with ipods. Is there a doper that can advise me?

Podcasts are usually in MP3 and will work on anything that plays MP3s. I think music purchased from iTunes are in AAC format (or the locked version, I forget what that’s called - M4A?) and I’m not sure if they play on all MP3 players. And if you have music from other sources that are MP3s, they’ll play on any player, iPod or not.

You can convert iTunes music to MP3, legally, via Apple’s instructions, if you want to continue to buy music from them but not use their player. Or use a different music-buying service that sells songs already in MP3. Or convert them via other means that lie in a gray area of legality.

Someone else will have to answer for sure if iTunes music, as is, can play on other players.

Personally I’d get a smartphone. Way more features for less money. There are a couple of iPhone threads here; you should read them if you haven’t. Might help make your decision.

I won’t be getting an iphone. I already have a treo, a contract, and don’t are if I am behind the tech curve. I like having early adapters smooth things out first.

OH geez, I’m sorry; I read “iPod” in your OP as “iPhone.” So ignore that part of my post.