MP3 players for Mac (besides iPOD)

So I’m really thinking I might break down and get an MP3 player. I’ve got a fairly steady design gig at a studio (a few days a week) and I’d just as soon not drag a bunch of CDs around back and forth.

An iPod is the obvious choice, but are there others? I would like to consider the Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox. I bought the small 32mg Nomad a couple of years ago and liked it right well.

My ideal would be an MP3 player that would work with iTunes. as I’ve gotten used to its interface.

If not that, are there other MP3 players that have software that can install on Macs?

Thanks much for advice!

(who, btw, is also very fond of his PC, so no Win/Lin proselytizing please! :stuck_out_tongue: )

I just realized that I was not in IMHO. I assume it should go there? Sorry Mods.

It’s a factual question – what works on the Mac?

Aside from my iPod (well, my wife’s really), my Sony Clie works. For the price of an iPod, you get a Palm OS PDA. Throw in a Memory Stick and you have 256 Megs. Yeah, the 15 GB our iPod has is better. For the Clie, though, you’d need to buy the iTunes conduit.

Here’s Apple’s page of iTunes compatible digital music players, although AFAIK only the iPod can play protected AACs (ie, those bought from the iTMS).

Enjoy… Although I really would recommend an iPod - you won’t find better integration with anything else.


It felt like a polling question so I meant to put it in IMHO, but I suppose since so few that might work with the Mac, it is a factual question as well. hehe.

Anyhow, thanks Oswald and Balthisar for the opinions and information. I might go out and get one right now-ish. The silence here is driving me bananas.

Very timely question as I am thinking of breaking down and getting an MP3 player, and it would have to work with my Mac G4.

I was just about to start a thread asking, outside of the Ipod, what features should I look for. There all come with different do-dahs, and it’s all kind of greek to me.

So I’d really love to hear which features really get used, which not, which to avoid and which not to miss.

The Mac issue thing hadn’t even crossed my mind yet.

Thanks for any input you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it.