iPod people...generic chargers?

Does anyone here use the generic wall and/or car chargers, like the ones sold on ebay? I would like to buy both, but Apple wants 30 bucks for their wall chargers, and eBay has auctions for both the wall and car chargers for a lot less.


Well, the USb voltage spec is 5 V DC and the Firewire spec is 5-30 volts DC. The ipod will charge from either, so I think it is pretty tolerant. A look at the specs for the offical apple home charger indicates an output voltage of 12v at 1 amp.

As long as the generic charger can put out enough current it should be fine.

I’ve used one of thse Monster Cables for the car since I got my iPod Mini a year or so ago. The Mini didn’t come with a wall charger just a USB cable. This cable charges the iPod as well as transmits it over an FM channel of my choice (you can program 3 different channels.)

Haven’t had any problems. But I wouldn’t consider Monster “generic” so much as “third party.” This cable/transmitter is $80 but works like a charm for me.

I use a Belkin when I charge it in my car (not that often.) Works well enough. After all, I’ve charged it straight from a USB2 port, from a FireWire port, and from that weird AC adapter Apple made that uses FireWire.

I’m also wondering this. I got a Smoke Nano kit. The adapters are really, really light and I worry about using them. I’ve read stories about car chargers frying Ipods.

I really hate that goddamned dock connector. Couldn’t they have put a USB port next to a 1/8" line out, and made docks with males for these side-by-side? You can’t use the Ipod with anything unless you buy special accessories or adapters.

The car adapter in the kit only has a USB output, so I either have to take the Ipod cable with me or buy another adapter. The SendStation pocketdock looks good but it would be easy to lose.

I have one. One of those wall ones the USB plugs into. Can be used to power other USB devices. Works fantastically. Been using it for about 5 months with a nano.